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  • Staying Warm in Abbotsford: The Benefits of Pre-Heaters and Block Heaters for Your Subaru

    Thursday 27 August 2015

    Winter can be challenging in Abbotsford! However, there are various ways to stay warm in your vehicle. You might consider having a block heater or pre-heater installed in your Subaru. Such auxiliary parts can help to keep you and your vehicle as warm as possible when you’re driving. They provide a much more environmentally-friendly way to warm your vehicle than idling the engine for long stretches of time. Before you make a decision about purchasing one of these components for your car... read more

  • Should You Get a Block Heater or Auxiliary Heater for Your BMW?

    Thursday 20 August 2015

    Staying warm in the wintertime is an essential aspect of living in Abbotsford. Although numerous individuals believe that idling an engine is a good way to warm it up, this simply isn’t true. Idling the engine is not an effective method for getting your vehicle warm and ready to drive. In fact, driving the car is the best way to get it warm. At the most, you might opt to idle your BMW for a couple of minutes to get it warm enough to drive. Unfortunately, many people choose to idle their... read more

  • Ready for That Autumn Road Trip? Make Sure Your BMW is Also Prepared

    Wednesday 12 August 2015

    Taking a drive to see the fall scenery is exhilarating, and it’s certainly not too late to do this now. Before you leave for your journey though, make sure your BMW is ready for such a road trip. The challenges of driving will generally be somewhat different in the autumn than they would be in the spring or summer, so taking your vehicle in for a quick maintenance inspection is probably not a bad idea. Bringing your car to a local, knowledgeable mechanic in Abbotsford is also a wise plan... read more

  • Is Your Audi Ready for Fall and Winter? Why You Should Have the Fluids and Filters Inspected

    Thursday 06 August 2015

    Your Audi has a variety of fluids and filters, and they are all important to the functionality of your vehicle. These fluids and filters should be checked on a regular basis, in case they need to be replenished or replaced. Doing this may be especially important before the cold, wet weather of winter arrives in full force. Every part of your vehicle should be in good condition when you are driving on the roads of Abbotsford in the fall and winter seasons. To get the best results possible... read more

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