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  • Choosing the Right Audi for You

    Monday 30 September 2013

    Few cars cater to every need as well as Audis. Audi’s consistent commitment to finding a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and style, while making their cars affordable relative to the competition, has resulted in a line of models fit for everyone from hip 20-somethings, to successful baby boomers, to devoted parents, to retired vacation seekers. There’s something for everyone at Audi. Here are just a few of the models available, to help you choose the right Audi for you: Au... read more

  • Audi’s Luxury Sedans: The Best of the Best

    Monday 23 September 2013

    In the last decade or so, Audi has cemented itself as a premier player in the luxury vehicle market. While once considered a little brother to BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi has now, quite arguably, surpassed those two leaders in mid-level luxury. Along the way, Audi has strongly separated themselves from the entry-level luxury vehicles it may once have been associated with, such as Infinity and Lincoln. And Audi continues to improve, moving faster and stronger than BMW and Me... read more

  • Common Audi Problems: What You Need to Know

    Monday 16 September 2013

    When it comes to making quality cars, Audi stands above most of the competition. Not only are Audi’s vehicles more luxurious, stylish, and higher performance than most other cars, but they are also far more reliable. However, they are still cars, and even the best cars have their fair share of issues. So it goes without saying that even Audis are prone to one or two problems. Be it a small issue or a larger engine problem, Audis need to be repaired from time to time. Often, howeve... read more

  • Driving Into the Future with Audi’s Concept Cars

    Monday 09 September 2013

    There are few things in the automotive world that are as exciting as concept cars. Even though it is pretty rare for a production vehicle to hit the streets bearing a strong resemblance to its initial concept car, the concepts allow people to see the direction that an automaker is headed in. Everything from the design to the technology tells us something about the manufacturer’s future, while also being fascinating in and of itself. And few car companies do concepts better than Audi, whi... read more

  • The Subaru Outback: The Best Sports Wagon? What is a Wagon?

    Monday 02 September 2013

    It’s a sedan! It’s an SUV! It’s a…station wagon? Station wagons, or sports wagons, as they’re sometimes known as, are five-door hatchbacks often styled after sedans, but with the cargo space of an SUV. Although wagons vary in aesthetics and purpose from brand to brand, ranging from the sleek and city-friendly Mercedes Benz E350 to the rugged and utilitarian Subaru Outback, their defining characteristics – an elongated body with a low center of gravity and open cargo space... read more

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