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  • Your BMW and Its Brake System: Why Inspections and Maintenance Are Essential

    Friday 31 October 2014

    Keeping your vehicle’s brake system in top shape is critical. Postponing maintenance visits could lead to expensive problems, and doing so could also put you and your passengers at risk of getting in an accident. The frequency of such visits may vary according to the instructions in your owner’s manual, as well as other factors, such as the amount of wear and t... read more

  • Subaru Transmission Tune-Ups and Repairs

    Friday 24 October 2014

    You may be curious about what a transmission tune-up is and whether your vehicle needs one. Actually, getting tune-ups performed on your transmission is one way that you can get the most out of your Subaru. If you schedule them every couple of years, you may avoid some repairs that could cost you a lot of money (and of course, if your owner’s manual recommends more frequent visits, you should follow th... read more

  • Brake System Maintenance for Your Subaru – What You Need to Know

    Friday 17 October 2014

    As discussed at, “Your car’s brake system is its most critical safety system.” You need your brakes to work right every time you use them. When you schedule maintenance checks for your vehicle’s brake system, you’re actually preventing the need for costly repairs. By hiring a dependable Abbotsford mechanic for brake system upkeep, you can be sure that your brakes operat... read more

  • Why Tire Rotation Is Beneficial for Your BMW

    Friday 10 October 2014

    Maintenance visits keep a BMW in beautiful shape. The best way to ensure that your tires and wheels stay in excellent condition is to schedule maintenance visits with a local, knowledgeable mechanic in Abbotsford. In order to understand the significance of such upkeep, it may be helpful to explore the topic a little further. What Is Wheel and Tire Maintenance? You probably know that new tires can be expensive, but you may not be aware that upkeep can prevent a prem... read more

  • Subaru Owners: The Importance of Getting Your Tires Rotated

    Friday 03 October 2014

    Vehicle maintenance is essential to the longevity of any vehicle. Your vehicle’s tires may experience a lot of wear and tear, and keeping them in top condition will help to keep you and your passengers safe. Regular tire maintenance can also save you money, so scheduling periodic visits with a great local mechanic in Abbotsford is a wise investment. Collins Automotive can help you to give your Subaru’s tires the attention they need to remain in the best possible shape. Why Ti... read more

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