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  • Volvo Air Conditioning Service: Tips for Keeping the AC System Operating Smoothly

    Saturday 27 December 2014

    The hottest months of the year are quickly approaching, and you will probably depend on your Volvo’s air conditioning to keep you cool and content as you drive. If your car’s AC is not working properly, this is a good time to bring your vehicle to a reliable mechanic at Collins Automotive. You can get the issue resolved before the hottest months of the year have arrived, and you may ensure that you will be comfortable while driving in your Volvo. The following are some of the most common... read more

  • Is Your VW’s Air Conditioning Working Properly? How to Know if You Need AC Service

    Saturday 20 December 2014

    If you appreciate being completely comfortable when you drive, then you may prefer to drive a car that has a fully functioning air conditioning system. Not all vehicles come with air conditioning, but most of the newer models on the market do. If you drive a VW with an air conditioning system, you will want to be sure that the system is working properly in the summer months. It’s important that you take your Volkswagen to a knowledgeable mechanic in Abbotsford, such as a mechanic... read more

  • Oil Changes 101: Changing the Oil in Your Volkswagen

    Saturday 13 December 2014

    Vehicle maintenance can prevent the need for a wide range of repairs, and oil changes are an important aspect of maintenance. In fact, changing the oil in your car regularly is essential to its functionality. Understanding the basics related to oil changes may help you to understand why this simple procedure is so vital to the longevity of your VW vehicle. Neglecting to Change the Oil Motor oil is the substance that lubricates the engine, and this is why oil is suc... read more

  • Why Should You Get the Alternator Checked on Your Mercedes-Benz?

    Friday 05 December 2014

    The alternator in your vehicle serves an invaluable purpose: it provides electricity to the battery. This electricity enables the car to start, and it also powers a variety of features in the vehicle. By ensuring that you are driving with a properly functioning alternator, you might avoid the hassle of not being able to start your Mercedes-Benz. One of the benefits of finding a trustworthy Abbotsford mechanic is that you can bring your vehicle in if you think the alternator may be... read more

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