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Volvo Transmission Repair Abbotsford

Symptoms That Your Volvo’s Transmission is Failing

Car trouble is costly and troublesome for Volvo owners. It’s a good thing that there are auto mechanics that can provide Volvo Transmission Repair Abbotsford.

Transmission problems are stressful to Volvo drivers, and once problems worsen, it can cost a fortune to replace.

Knowing the early signs of transmission trouble is your best option to avoid serious problems down the line. Transmission issues never get better by themselves, and symptoms worsen if you don’t fix the problem.

Volvo vehicles are known for their safety and reliability all around the world. They are famous for racking up thousands of miles with minimal repair and maintenance. However, no vehicle is bulletproof. Some models exhibit issues that are common to the specific model like the V70, for example.

The V70 has been a part of the vehicle lineup for nearly 20 years and is reputed to be a fun car to drive. There are owners however, who complain about the transmission problems in the V70. This includes grinding gears and erratic shifting. In most cases, issues are solved with proper maintenance like changing transmission fluids, flushing, or a transmission software update.

Many car owners overlook the issues for an extended period of time, which can cause other parts and systems of your Volvo to breakdown. Expect larger repair bills when this happens. To know if your Volvo needs a repair or replacement transmission, we share symptoms that you need to look out for.

Transmission Noises

When you start hearing noises coming from your Volvo’s transmission, it's always good to have it checked immediately. When your Volvo starts making grinding, whining, clunking or loud humming noises even when your transmission is in neutral, your transmission is failing. When you have damaged gears, the problem can only worsen in time.

The source of the problem can be a variety of reasons but are usually related to worn out parts. Internal parts may be giving way, which means that a professional should check it out at once.

Hard Shifting

If you notice that shifting gears are becoming more difficult, this is a clear sign that your transmission is having problems. If you put your car in gear or reverse and there is a delay in response, or it may not respond at all, you may have a fluid problem. Your fluid may be degraded and has become thick.  

Whether you own a manual or automatic Volvo, your transmission is in charge of gear shifting. If shifting is not as smooth as it was before, you may have issues with the quality and level of transmission fluid. You can also have clutch problems which you need to address.

A computer system problem can also be the culprit, and all it takes is a computer reset to fix. 

Gear Slippage

Your Volvo may be having trouble changing gears, but it can also show signs of gear slippage. In an automatic transmission, the system should shift once you reach a certain RPM, if the car hesitates between shifting gears, you have a huge problem to deal with. In manual Volvos, your car may shift to neutral on its own, making it dangerous to drive. Gear slippage is a safety issue that needs to be dealt with immediately.

If you feel jarring sensations every time you shift gears, it’s time to have your transmission inspected. Gear slippage also occurs if you fail to change your fluids every 30,000 miles. You can check your owner’s manual for the recommended transmission fluid change intervals. 

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can alert you of transmission problems before failure symptoms are noticeable. Your Volvo can indicate that an inspection is needed due to a performance issue. The check engine light sends a code that specifies which problem area you need to fix. 

Volvo Transmission Repair Abbotsford can diagnose these problems with the proper tools and equipment that can read codes and perform the needed repairs.

Fluid Leaks

Your transmission fluid makes it possible to shift gears effortlessly and keep internal parts from overheating and causing failure. When your Volvo’s transmission springs a leak, you lose fluid that keeps your transmission running smoothly. If you notice bright red fluid on your driveway or garage floor bring in your car to the auto shop.

Your Volvo should never have a burning smell, act quickly to address the issue.

Common symptoms involve a burning smell, which indicates an overheating transmission. A leak is a low-cost service to have, it can be a simple hose or gasket replacement, and your problems are fixed.

Volvo Transmission Repair

Address Transmission Problems Right Away

If you live in Abbotsford, you need your Volvo to be working in top condition to help you get around. To ensure that your car is in top shape, you need to hire a Volvo Transmission Repair Abbotsford whenever you notice signs that your transmission is about to fail.

Transmission problems are the second most expensive to solve next to engine replacement. They can cost a lot and take time to fix. Car transmissions are quite complex, and it's hard to decide whether to rebuild or replace them altogether. The deciding factor is usually which parts are failing. This requires a complete transmission disassembly so that every component may be inspected. In this way, the cost of repair versus replacement may be determined and recommended to the Volvo car owner.

The replacement may be the costlier option, but it can be a quicker and less complicated choice. 

If you want your Volvo returned to pristine condition, you should deal with the problem right away. A repair job will cost lower than a replacement, so you need to be on top of the transmission situation at its early stages.

Older Volvos can develop transmission problems, especially shifting issues. Volvo mechanics suggest regular maintenance and fluid replacement as the best ways to protect your vehicle from transmission failure.

Volvos are known for their safety and luxury; don’t let transmission problems lower your luxury vehicle's performance.



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