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MINI Service & Repair

Abbotsford MINI Service and Repair | Collins Automotive

For the past sixty years, the Mini Cooper has wowed commuters and car enthusiasts the world over for its unique aura of British sophistication. But the car goes beyond culture and geography; as a subcompact car, the Mini is still roomy enough for five, cuts down on the number of trips to the gas station, has a dizzying list of optional equipment for installment, and is exciting and nimble enough to build a reputation as a top rally racer. And with BMW taking over production a few years ago, the Mini Cooper can add precise German engineering to its enviable list of attributes.

However, just like any other car brand, Mini can develop problems, be they mechanical or electrical. Of course, the natural choice to go is the Mini dealership, or wherever the vehicle was purchased from. Granted, going to a dealership authorized by the manufacturer is considered the logical way to go. However, it might cost you an arm and a leg to get the service your car needs. The truth is that there are other places that might ultimately be less expensive. And in certain cases, such places might be better.

Abbotsford MINI Service and Repair

No matter the chosen place for servicing or repairing vehicles, the technician staff has to be very skilled, well-trained in solving any conceivable problem with vehicles over the course of ownership. Manufacturer dealerships have a huge advantage over the small, family-owned auto shops because they not only have the name recognition, they have the financial wherewithal. Family-owned auto shops, however, should get a lot more recognition than what is currently accorded them. A major reason for that is because mechanics who work at these establishments actually work with a wider range of automotive brands than those in virtually one-brand places. Thus, they are likely to be more prepared or experienced in handling cars in general, and Mini Coopers in particular.

But there’s an additional benefit to going with a small auto shop, rather than the big stalwarts in the automotive retail industry: the personal touch. Well entrenched in the corporate world, the large dealerships are mainly impersonal. With the business they bring to the service department, customers are little more than contributors to the dealerships’ long stream of revenue. And while auto shops also depend on customers to stay in business, they are usually a lot smaller and run by members of the same family, thus making interaction a lot warmer.

It is such a combination of expertise, affordability, and personality that makes Collins Automotive an excellent choice. Located in Abbotsford, BC, the company is dedicated to providing the absolute best service around. Its staff of skilled and experienced technicians is not only great at what they do; they are also friendly and willing to help in any way they can. And the quality of service, repair, and improvements are just as good as any Mini dealership, if not more so. By going to Collins Automotive, customers are guaranteed to keep their Mini Coopers for a very long time.

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