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6 Certain Signs that You Need a Car Mechanic in Abbotsford, BC

Car Mechanic in Abbotsford, BC

If you've been thinking about visiting an auto shop lately but put it off, there are probably some good reasons for that. You might find repairs too expensive, or you just don't have the time to drive to a mechanic. If things have just been running fine on your vehicle until now, why bother spending the money? However, there are definitive signs that you need to visit a mechanic in Abbotsford sooner than later.


For instance, you might have a faulty electrical system or a malfunctioning engine that's beyond DIY repairs. These require a professional mechanic in Abbotsford who has the right tools and skills for the job. Here are six of those car problems that you should never ignore:

1. You hear strange noises from under the hood.

You should call a mechanic in Abbotsford, BC, soon if you hear weird sounds from your engine, body, or suspension. These noises are often caused by damaged bearings or grinding between metal components. You need an experienced technician to perform diagnostics and perform appropriate repairs.

2. You need a mechanic in Abbotsford to recharge your AC refrigerant.

If your air conditioner isn't working as well as it used to, it might be time to take it in for a recharge. When the refrigerant level gets too low, the AC compressor might overwork and get damaged.


A professional mechanic can repair refrigerant leaks, replace your coolant, and ensure that your AC can effectively cool your cabin. Moreover, car refrigerant is a toxic substance that must be handled carefully and disposed of properly.

3. Your brakes are squealing or unresponsive.

If your brakes are squealing, that's usually a sign that the brake pads need to be replaced. However, if your brakes are unresponsive, that could mean several things like air in the brake lines, low brake fluid level, or corroded brake components.


Either way, you shouldn't drive your car any further until you've had it inspected by a mechanic in Abbotsford, BC. Brakes are an essential safety feature of your vehicle, and you should never take risks with them.

4. Your engine is overheating.

If your engine is overheating, that means there's something wrong with the cooling system. This could be a blocked radiator, a failed water pump, or a leak in the radiator hoses, among other culprits.


If your engine isn't cooled down properly, it can overheat and potentially cause irreversible damages like warped head gaskets. Get it inspected by a mechanic in Abbotsford ASAP if you're experiencing these symptoms.

5. You have to replace your car's oil more often than usual.

If you're having to replace your motor oil more often than usual, that's a sign that there's something wrong with the engine. Perhaps there's a leak, or the fluid is being burned somewhere.


Engine oil is essential for lubricating moving parts and preventing the engine from overheating. If you don't get the problem fixed, it could lead to more expensive engine repairs down the road.

6. Your check engine light is on.

If your check engine light is on, that means there's a fault code stored in the car's computer system. This code could be caused by many problems, such as cylinder misfires, an evaporative emissions leak, or a bad sensor. The best way to find out what's wrong is to take your car to a mechanic who can read the code and diagnose the problem.

Mechanic in Abbotsford, BC

If you experience these six symptoms or any other problems with your car, call Collins Automotive right away. Our honest, experienced, and trained auto mechanics will get your vehicle back on the road in no time. 


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