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Identify a Faulty Parking Brake - Subaru Repair Abbotsford

Subaru Repair Abbotsford

Subaru's brake system incorporates a hydraulic brake and parking brakes which play unique and interconnected functions in stopping and keeping your car from moving. When your Subaru's parking brake struggles to hold your vehicle in place, it can slide away when parked on a steep incline. Proper preventive maintenance of the parking brake is necessary for ensuring safety. Collin's Automotive showcases quality work Subaru auto repairs, such as wheel alignments service, transmission problem fixes, and engine oil changes.

The parking brake is also referred to as the emergency brake or handbrake. It operates independently of the primary braking system and is designed to serve as a backup if the main brake fails. However, they are used to keeping the vehicle stationary in newer cars because they no longer can bring a vehicle to a complete stop as it once did.

Symptoms of a Faulty Parking Brake

There are a few symptoms that your Subaru's parking brake is failing. If you notice any of the issues described below, your Subaru's parking brake may be malfunctioning.

Having trouble engaging or disengaging the emergency brake

The parking brake is one of the most crucial features of your car. There could be a problem with how well this operates and interferes with its proper function if you have trouble engaging or disengaging it, leading to unsafe driving conditions for yourself and others around you.

Contact your trustworthy auto repair shop immediately if you try to disengage the handbrake and notice that it is unusually tight or if you feel resistance after releasing the brake pedal lever. A stiff brake pedal lever or resistance after releasing the lever indicates that the emergency brake has not been disengaged away from the wheel. Driving with the handbrake engaged may lead to expensive brake system damage.

Parking Brake Is Too Loose

Parking brake pads can be overly tight, loose, or perfectly adjusted. When the handbrake feels unsteady when engaged, it is a sign of an emerging problem.

Your vehicle continues to move while pressing the handbrake

After a long period of use, the emergency brake starts to wear out. If your car continues to move while pressing the parking brake, your brake system is faltering. If you can't rely on your parking brake to keep your car stationary when parked, it is useless in an emergency down the road.

Brake Warning Lights

A red warning light will show on the dashboard when there is a problem with your vehicle's braking system. When the brake warning light illuminates, it indicates a problem with your vehicle's brake system, which needs inspection and diagnosis immediately. Disregarding the warning could put you and other drivers in danger.

Parking Brake Failure Causes

The emergency brake overrides your Subaru's hydraulic brake system and locks the wheels in place. Nevertheless, when it fails, the vehicle will not stay in place. Parking brake failure can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

Worn-Out Cables

When the cable is in poor condition, the parking brake system will fail.

Damaged Lever

Damage from prolonged use can cause the handbrake lever to under perform. When the brake lever fails, the parking brake in your vehicle will not engage or disengage. 

Driving with the parking brake on

Driving with the parking brake causes numerous parts to wear untimely due to the vibration and heat generated by the brake system. It could cause your emergency brake to fail.

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