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Audi Suspension Service: Perks of Regular Suspension Tuning

Audi Suspension Service

A car’s suspension system is responsible for keeping you safe on the road as it allows you to keep your vehicle under control by maintaining the friction between your tires and the road. But just like any component of your vehicle, it does get worn out over time, which is why a regular Audi suspension service is key for keeping it in tip-top shape. 

A lot of car owners these days do tend to ignore suspension problems until it's too late. While it might not seem like an urgent issue, it can easily become a safety risk if left to deteriorate for a long time and can even reach a point where the handling and steering of the car get severely impacted. Read on to fully grasp how incredibly important it is to keep your suspension tuned regularly.

How often should you get a suspension service?

Service intervals depend on the mileage and usage of the vehicle. Typically, car manufacturers would advise getting the suspension system checked every six months or after the car has traveled 10,000 miles. 

Some cars are designed to let you know when a suspension service is due. In addition, if your vehicle starts to show some warning signs of impending suspension trouble, then it is best to get it checked, serviced, and repaired by a trusted mechanic even before it has traveled 10,000 miles or reached six months. 

Cars that are regularly used for long-distance drives will likely require a shorter interval between getting a suspension service. Most auto shops would recommend having an Audi suspension service done every 3-4 months for vehicles that are exposed to frequent long-distance driving.

Perks of getting the suspension system tuned regularly

It cannot be stated enough how important your suspension is to the overall safety and performance of your vehicle. Like any other component of your car, it does require regular maintenance and tune-up to work effectively. 

Improved vehicle safety

A suspension system that is regularly checked and thoroughly reviewed will help you stay safer on the road when driving your vehicle. Faulty suspensions can lead to vehicle breakdowns, which could mean getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Worse, suspension issues can cause you to lose control while on the wheel which can cause you to figure in an accident.

Save on repair costs

A proactive approach to getting the suspension system checked and tune-up every so often will help you avoid having to deal with more serious repairs that could cost you handsomely. Many people often skip regular suspension checks in the hopes of saving a few bucks along the way only to end up paying for more expensive repair costs as a result of neglecting them.

Faulty suspension services can lead to several car parts wearing out prematurely— and they can get quite expensive to repair or replace. For instance, faulty suspension can significantly shorten the lifespan of your tires. Your overall car performance suffers too, and you’ll likely experience a spike in your gas mileage. You’ll save more on costs by keeping up with your regular suspension tune-ups.  

Smoother rides

Handling and steering your vehicle will be incredibly challenging when the suspension system is faulty. Issues concerning vehicle alignment can lead to the car pulling sideways as a result. Regular suspension service can help figure out what’s causing your vehicle to drift to one side and automotive experts can help remedy the problem. 

Stop the vehicle safely

The stopping distance of your vehicle significantly affects your tire tread count. One way of extending your tread’s lifespan is to ensure that you have a properly aligned vehicle. This is especially true if you constantly drive your vehicle through slick terrains, which causes the vehicle stop time to be even longer. 

Ultimately, keeping up with all the maintenance and tune-up needs of your vehicle is not only the responsible thing to do but will also ensure your safety on the road. For your regular Audi suspension service needs, trust only the best at Collins Automotive. We’re the top destination for customers that want to experience exceptional service and superior automotive solutions at reasonable prices, and we offer an extensive warranty for all labor and parts. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!


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