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A BMW for You and You and You: Picking the Right Model

BMW Right Model

There is a reason that BMW’s motto is “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Regardless of what people are looking for in a vehicle, they’re likely to find it in a BMW, as the company creates a wide range of incredible cars. But choosing which BMW is right for you can be a daunting task. Here’s a quick rundown of all of BMW’s stellar lines, so you can know how to pick the perfect BMW for you.

1 Series

The 1 Series is BMW’s entry line. It is aimed at the consumer who wants an everyday car that packs a little extra punch in terms of style, luxury, and driving feel. The 1 Series comes in five trims: coupe, convertible, ActiveE electric coupe, 3-door hatchback, and 5-door wagon. The 1 Series is the most affordable BMW, with a starting MSRP of $31,500.

2 Series

The 2 Series serves as a luxurious lightweight daily driver. It is offered in two models: a coupe, and the Active Tourer, which rests somewhere between a station wagon and a minivan. The 2 Series is for those who want a touch more fun from their BMWs than is offered in the 1 Series. The 2 Series starts at $32,100, and gets slightly better mileage than the 1 Series.

3 Series

The 3 Series has long been BMW’s benchmark series because it epitomizes what it means to be the ultimate driving machine. The 3 Series is extremely luxurious, but small and sporty. It drives like a sports car, but feels like a limousine. The 3 Series currently is offered in four trims: the standard sedan, the Gran Turismo (a larger sedan), the ActiveHybrid sedan, and the Touring, a station wagon. Starting at $32,750, the 3 Series remains the most popular BMW.

4 Series

The 4 Series is a relatively new line, and essentially serves to take over the 3 Series coupes, which used to be quite popular. The 4 Series comes in coupe, convertible, or sedan (called the Gran Coupe) and is arguably BMW’s most fun basic model. Pricing starts at $40,500 for this extremely fun line.

5 Series

The 5 Series does an excellent job of bridging the gap between fun and luxury. While BMW’s lower numbers are closer to sports cars, their higher numbers are closer to Bentleys. The 5 Series is the compromise, and is offered in base sedan, Gran Turismo sedan, ActiveHybrid sedan, and Touring wagon. Pricing starts at $49,500 and power through the roof.

6 Series

The 6 Series was designed to be BMW’s powerful and exotic luxury coupe, and it does that effortlessly. The 6 Series – which comes in coupe, convertible, or Gran Coupe sedan – is full of power, grace, and endless luxury. It starts at $75,400.

7 Series

The 7 Series is BMW’s king of luxury. The large and refined sedan comes in basic or ActiveHybrid trims, and is one of the world’s premier luxury vehicles. It starts at $74,000 and has impressive fuel efficiency.

X Trim

BMW offers an all-purpose SUV that comes in five levels: X1, X3, X4, X5, and X6. These gorgeous and practical vehicles are competitively priced in accordance with their series number.

M Trim

BMW’s premier trim has always been in M, their highly tuned and extra sporty versions of their vehicles. For a modest extra price BMW makes Ms for the 3-6 Series, highlighted by their benchmark vehicle, the M3 coupe and convertible.

i Trim

BMW’s future lies in the i Trim, which has yet to hit the road; the company is preparing the extremely efficient i3, and the ultra exotic i8.

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