• COVID-19: Announcement To Our Customers

    Thursday 19 March 2020

    To our valued customers, We are still open for business at this time. Please advise that the safety and health of our customers and staff are of paramount importance. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking the following precautions in order to help prevent the spread of the virus and protect ourselves and our customers during your visit: All car keys are disinfected during customer check-in and check-out. Our courtesy cars are cleaned and disinfected after eve... read more

  • Planning a Trip to the Mountains: How to Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz for a Winter Road Trip

    Tuesday 12 January 2016

    If you’re going to the mountains this winter, you’ll want to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz can handle the trip. You might prepare your vehicle in a variety of ways for this kind of excursion. Getting a service check before such a trip is always advisable. You may take your Mercedes-Benz to a reputable repair shop like Collins Automotive in Abbotsford, so you’ll know that your vehicle is ready for the adventure that awaits you. Ensure Visibility When Possi... read more

  • It’s Still Cold Outside! Tips for Driving and Maintaining Your Subaru This Winter

    Wednesday 16 December 2015

    It’s still wintertime in Abbotsford! That means you need to take extra precautions when driving on slick and icy roads. It also means that you should have your Subaru serviced regularly, in order to prevent any unnecessary mishaps while you’re out on the road. When you take your vehicle to Collins Automotive in Abbotsford, you’ll know that your car is getting the best possible care – so you and your passengers can feel secure in your vehicle. Take Your Car in for Ma... read more

  • Going on a Ski Trip? Make Sure Your Audi Is Prepared for the Drive

    Friday 27 November 2015

    Are you planning a ski trip sometime soon? This is a great time to go get some exercise in the crisp winter air. Whether you’re driving to a BC resort or to one in a different province, you’ll need to be certain that your Audi is prepared for the journey. This is easy to accomplish when you have access to a trustworthy Abbotsford mechanic at Collins Automotive. Your mechanic can check all the points of your vehicle that may be the most vulnerable to the effects of winter dr... read more

  • Is Your Volvo in Storage? Tips for Keeping It in Good Shape Until Spring

    Saturday 14 November 2015

    Did you decide to store your Volvo for the winter? Many people do this, especially if they have alternate vehicles that they prefer to use during the colder months. If you have recently decided that you want to shelter your Volvo until the springtime, you may want to consider a few strategies to ensure that it will be in good shape once you’re ready to drive it again in the spring. Be sure to consult a local mechanic you can trust (such as one of the staff members at Collin... read more

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