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Brake System Maintenance for Your Subaru – What You Need to Know

As discussed at, “Your car’s brake system is its most critical safety system.” You need your brakes to work right every time you use them. When you schedule maintenance checks for your vehicle’s brake system, you’re actually preventing the need for costly repairs. By hiring a dependable Abbotsford mechanic for brake system upkeep, you can be sure that your brakes operate the way they should – every time you drive your Subaru.

Brake System Maintenance

Indications of Potential Problems

At the first sign of a potential problem, you may want to schedule a maintenance visit. The sooner you have your vehicle inspected for a possible issue with your brakes, the better off your car and your budget will be. Common signs of brake system issues may include strange noises when the brakes are being used, a brake pedal that sinks slowly when pressure is applied to it, or wisps of smoke emanating from one of the wheels. Other symptoms that require attention include a sensation of pulling in one direction when you’re driving, a steering wheel that vibrates, or wheels that lock when the brakes are being utilized. A sure sign that your Subaru’s brakes need to be checked is the brake system warning light; if that light goes on, it’s time to call us for the earliest appointment available.

Brake System Checkpoints and Repairs

A brake system maintenance check may vary according to a variety of factors, such as how long it’s been since the last visit and whether you’ve noticed any signs of wear and tear. During a brake system checkup, a technician might look at the brake rotors and drums, as well as the brake cables. Items that may be replenished or replaced include the brake fluid, brake pads, and brake calipers.

Other checkpoint areas include the brake lines and the master cylinder. If these brake system components have sustained damage, your brakes might not receive the fluid they need to perform properly. It’s important to get this type of damage repaired immediately, so you don’t experience a brake system failure when you’re on the road.

Your vehicle may need a brake system flush if air or contaminants have gotten into the brake fluid. During this kind of job the old brake fluid is removed, and it is replaced with clean brake fluid. The brakes are also bled at one point in this process. A brake system maintenance flush will ensure that your vehicle’s brakes perform as they should.

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The brake system in your vehicle is not an area that should ever be neglected. Be sure to pay attention to any changes that occur when you’re driving. Various issues may indicate that your brake system requires maintenance. It’s always better to deal with such issues sooner instead of later. If you have any questions or concerns that could be brake-related, you can fill out our free quote format your convenience.

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