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Buying a Mercedes: Choosing the Best New Mercedes for You

Choosing the Best New Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz sales in Canada make it one of the leading and popular luxury car lines in the country.Desrosiers Canadian Automotive Reports for June, 2014 showed that Mercedes-Benz sales ranked 11th for the month at 3,556 units, representing a 6 percent increase over last year’s results. Year-to-date, Mercedes-Benz ranks 9th overall at 36,944 units sold, just behind luxury car Infiniti at 51,011 sold to date but ahead of Audi at 36,299 units sold year-to-date for the 6 months ending June 30, 2014.

Canadians have many different models from which to choose from, based on their budget and model preference. You have the ability to choose between sedans, coupes, SUVs and wagons, as well as convertibles and roadsters. The company even has a selection hybrids and electric car models for those who are environmentally aware and seek emissions-free driving. Choosing the type of Mercedes-Benz that is best suited for you depends on your driving needs and the type of vehicle that will help you with your Abbotsford, British Columbia and surrounding area commute. Here is a discussion of some of the different vehicle classes that are available to you from Mercedes-Benz that may be best suited for you.

Sedans and Coupes

Mercedes-Benz Sedans represent the top of the class for this Stuttgart, Germany auto maker. The C-, E- and S-Class sedans offer the styling, engineering and handling that the car maker is renowned the world over. For the luxury minded driver looking to incorporate style and class into their commute, the choice between these sedan models comes down to affordability. If you are looking for the C-Class sedan as a compliment to your driving experience, expect to pay a little more than 38,000 CAD. If you are a person looking to be at the top of their class, 100,500 CAD will put you in an S-Class sedan.

If you are looking for something a bit more pricey but as well suited for the roads and landscape of Abbotsford, you may want to consider any of the coupes that Mercedes-Benz has to offer. From 32,000 CAD for the CLA-Class coupe to 236,000 CAD for the top of the line sporty SLS-Class coupe, there are six models to choose from that will satisfy your sporty side. These vehicles range from 7.65 kilometres per litre /11.05 kilometres per litre (city/highway) for the E550 coupe to 11.05 kpl/16.15 kpl for the affordable CLA250 coupe.

SUVs for Your Abbotsford Commute

The showery spring weather in Abbotsford gives way to the dry summer months, cool and wet autumn and mild winter, with January temperatures alone reaching 2.5 degrees Celsius. These variances in weather may provide you with the incentive needed to consider one of the SUVs that Mercedes-Benz has to offer. The GLK350 SUV starts at 40,000 CAD and provides the roominess needed to transport your World Cup qualifiers. With 11-way air bag protection and other safety features built-in, this model can also be complimented with a multimedia and/or driver assistance package to enhance your driving experience.

Alternative Selections for Your Mercedes-Benz Driving Pleasure

Your selection of Mercedes-Benz models is not complete without considering the convertibles, roadsters, hybrid and other alternative vehicle offerings. Any of these offerings, like the SLK-Class roadster (SLK250, starting at 46,350 CAD) or the B-Class Electric Drive (44,140 CAD) that has an emission-free electric engine that can achieve 140 kilometres per electrical charge.

This is merely a sampling of the options that are available to you when considering one of Canada’s best-selling car brands, Mercedes-Benz. Consider test driving the model that best fits your lifestyle and the image you are looking to project as you navigate the roadways of Abbotsford, British Columbia.

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