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Caring for Your Mercedes: Prevention and Maintenance

Caring for Your Mercedes

Take a stroll down the line of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and you’ll find nothing but classic luxury and high-powered performance. From the gorgeously designed exteriors to the detailed and technologically tricked out interiors, everything about a Mercedes makes you feel like you’re the master of the world–and that’s before you start driving. However amazing it feels to be behind the wheel, owners of this vehicle should know that, as with any vehicle, especially the luxury lines, there’s no getting around the necessary preventative steps and maintenance involved to keep the car driving like a dream.

Routine Servicing

The first and most important aspect of maintaining your Mercedes vehicle in top condition is to follow the manufacture’s service schedule. Once a year, or when you’ve reached the specified kilometer interval, bringing the vehicle into a shop specifically licensed for Mercedes care should be top priority. Driver’s in Abbotsford, BC have access to such technical services experts at Collins Automotive that have been carrying out assessments and necessary repairs and fine-tuning of Mercedes vehicle for years. Dedicated to both ensuring quality automotive servicing and a satisfactory experience, the experts do everything to make sure that not only your vehicle is in pristine condition, but that it’s done with your comfort and time in mind.

Exterior Care

Keeping that exquisite finish on your Mercedes means regularly washing off the dust and dirt that lives in the air. Washing should be done on a regular basis, depending on the conditions you live in. During winter, especially, when the harsher weather conditions take a heavier toll on vehicles it is important to increase the frequency. Make sure to wash your vehicle only when it’s in the cool and shade and only using products specifically designed for it as using products like dish detergents could damage the finish. Before doing any washing, cleaning, or polishing remove any blemishes or surface contaminants. Polishing, though not necessary, is recommended as it gives your vehicle’s the exceptional protection that is responsible for maintaining the brilliant high gloss finish.

Wheel Care

Keeping your eye-catching Mercedes wheels road ready also means taking some time to clean them. When washing your car don’t forget to take a look at the wheels, using a brush to remove any surface area dirt and rinsing with water. There’s also product specially formulated to keep your wheels in top condition and any quality service technician will make sure your wheels are in shape during the routine services.

Paint Care

When dealing with the paint condition the biggest concerns are scratches, swirl marks, and surface contaminants. Vehicle exhaust, insecticides, tree sap, industrial pollutants, ocean salt, and animal deposits are all sources of contaminants that can dull your Mercede’s surface if left untreated. Running your hand along the surface should feel like smooth glass, if it doesn’t you know it’s time for a wash. Parking in the garage will reduce contaminants.

Interior Care

Everyone may see the outside of your car, but it’s the interior that you spend most of your time in and you’ll want to make the same effort in keeping it looking new. Vacuuming your Mercedes regularly will keep the daily wear at a minimal. There’s also products designed specifically for restoring and protecting the upholstery and trim services that will leave them with a shining finish. Using seat covers can ease your mind about discoloration from contact on the leather, though it isn’t necessary. To protect the leather seats from being damaged by UV rays or losing their suppleness and beauty use products specifically formulated for cleaning and conditions leather.


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