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Common Audi Problems: What You Need to Know

When it comes to making quality cars, Audi stands above most of the competition.

Audi A7

Not only are Audi’s vehicles more luxurious, stylish, and higher performance than most other cars, but they are also far more reliable. However, they are still cars, and even the best cars have their fair share of issues. So it goes without saying that even Audis are prone to one or two problems. Be it a small issue or a larger engine problem, Audis need to be repaired from time to time. Often, however, the problems are predictable, because they commonly occur in that model. This can help drivers prepare for, or prevent any problems that they may face. Here are some common problems in Audi vehicles, as well as what you can do to avoid them, and what you should do to fix them:

Oil consumption

One of the main complaints with Audi is that the oil consumption can be very poor. This is specifically applicable to the smaller engine Audis, such as the A4 and S4 models. For whatever reason, these cars burn oil far faster than the average vehicle, meaning that drivers need to have their oil changed much more frequently. While there’s no real way to avoid a car from guzzling oil, it is important to check your oil frequently if you have an Audi. Running your vehicle when it is low on oil can be very harmful, so you should be extra cognizant of oil levels if you own an Audi.

Failed ignition coil

In recent years, Audis have been notorious for their failed ignition coils. While an ignition coil failure is a relatively easy fix (one which Audi has strongly recommended doing preemptively) it can be debilitating when it fails, as the car will fail to turn on, or, if already running, will simply die. It’s best to take your Audi to an auto shop, so they can determine whether your ignition coil has already been replaced or not. If it hasn’t, it’s probably safest to get it done before it fails.

Dashboard instruments

It’s fairly common for the instrument panel on an Audi’s dashboard to fail. The gauges will often cease working, or begin to work sporadically. While there’s not really much you can do to preempt this, it’s something you should be aware of; if you notice that certain gauges aren’t working, or are acting funny, you should get the instruments checked and fixed.

What to do

If your Audi has these (or any other) issues – or you suspect that it may be having them soon – you should take your car to an auto shop. While you can take it to an Audi dealer, it’s best to take it to an independent specialist, such as Collins Automotive if you’re in the British Columbia area. An independent shop will treat you more fairly, because they’ll handle your car objectively.

With these tips, you should be ready to handle anything an Audi throws at you.

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