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Common Mercedes-Benz Issues, and How to Fix them

Mercedes-Benz, since its inception, has always been at the forefront of the automotive industry. The cars designed by Mercedes-Benz are known as the top of the line for luxury as well as for solid engineering. For most Benz owners, car issues are relatively infrequent and those that do exist are often only irritations. If you keep up with the regular maintenance, Mercedes-Benzes stay on the road without much fuss. When problems do come up, however, they might be some of the following.

Common Mercedes-Benz Problems

Window Regulators

In most all models of Mercedes-Benz, the window regulators that connect the window motor to the window glass are a problem. It’s a problem that can mostly be blamed on poor design and the part is prone to breakage, particularly on the rear windows. When the part breaks, the window glass will fall into the door and it’s difficult to get out. Mechanically inclined owners can look into replacing the part on their own, otherwise it’s a trip to the mechanic. If it gets to be an issue, you can avoid rolling down the rear windows.

Ignition Switch Failure

Mercedes-Benz cars are frequently troubled by a failure in the ignition switch controlled by a technology called the Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS). EIS determines if you are using the key meant for your car and if the system fails, you’ll insert the key and find yourself unable to turn the switch. Luckily this doesn’t happen all at once, so if you start having some trouble turning the key or it’s not quite a smooth as it used to be, get that EIS system checked out by a Benz technician.

Engine Rattle During Start-up

Another issues, particularly for owners in colder climates, is a rattling sound during start-up of their Mercedes-Benz. Rattling can, of course, be caused by a variety of things. Some common culprits include a worn belt tensor which winds around the engine to give it power, but won’t do so tightly enough when worn down. Have this checked out as soon as possible. When rattling continues even after start-up, you may be looking at a disfunction in the water pump and should get the part checked out, possibly replaced.

Brake Switch

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A less severe problem many Benz owners may run into is failure in one of the multiple brake switches. A failure in one of these switches will be indicated by your dashboard lighting up with a variety of errors for traction control, brake assist, and so on. It’s no cause for panic, however, as the replacement of the faulty switch will take only a few minutes to replace and can be done inexpensively.

More frequent than any other problem, are electrical issues in Mercedes-Benz cars. This can affect the battery, the sound system, the car’s lights, or any of the many accessories. If the problem is in the battery itself, it’s a relatively simple fix, whether fixing a broken alternator or just replacing the entire unit. Other electrical system issues, such a radio or air conditioning problems, can be blamed on faulty wiring and are best serviced by a Benz technician.

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