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Common Winter Volvo Issues and How to Fix Them

When you drive in the wintertime, you probably want to stay as safe as possible. Volvo consistently manufactures vehicles with your safety in mind, so you already have the right car. However, winter can bring its own unique challenges to car owners, even if you are driving one of the best vehicles on the road. By being aware of some of the most common problems you might face on Abbotsford roads in the winter, you can be better prepared to deal with them. You may even be able to prevent some of them from happening.

Common Winter Volvo Issues

Lack of Heat

If your heater stops working when Abbotsford temperatures are at their coldest, you and your passengers could be at risk of experiencing injury or illness. Driving with no heat can be difficult and possibly dangerous, so knowing what to look for is useful. If the heater in your vehicle stops working properly, you might need to have your thermostat replaced. This is typically a quick and easy job. You might also need to replace the coolant in your radiator.

Icy and Snowy Roads

When your tires are worn from use, they won’t have the tread they need to keep you safe on slippery roads. If you do skid on a slippery road, don’t hit the brakes or the accelerator too suddenly or forcefully. Instead, try releasing the brakes and turning into the slide.

Winter is not the time to take risks with your tires, so if your tires need to be replaced, you should do that now. Driving with snow tires could significantly reduce the number of times that you slide on the road in the winter. If the roads have recently been covered in snow, having snow chains handy could keep your Volvo from getting stuck on the road.

Low Visibility

If your visibility is poor, you will not be able to drive as well as you should. This is always a common problem when the weather is rainy, snowy, and icy. One way to prevent low visibility is to ensure that you are utilizing the proper type of windshield wiper fluid for winter. Ordinary wiper fluid can become frozen on your windshield. You can get a wintertime fluid mixture that will prevent this from happening.

Electrical Issues

Some Volvos, such as the 240, might have fuse box problems. Such issues may arise in winter because water can enter the fuse box, possible resulting in electrical problems. The best way to prevent the need to replace a fuse box is to have it cleaned once a year and replace corroded fuses.

If safety and reliability are top priorities for you, the Volvo is a solid choice. You can’t prevent all of the issues that may occur in the winter, but you can be prepared for them. Getting your Volvo checked by a mechanic before winter could help you to avoid many common winter problems.

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