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Don’t Let Potholes Destroy Your BMW! Suspension Maintenance for Your Car

Suspension Maintenance for Your Car

Winter weather often leads to spring potholes in the roads. Driving over those potholes can result in problems with your BMW. Issues may arise with your wheel alignment, your steering, and your suspension system. If you don’t get these problems fixed quickly, the end result could be expensive damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, you may consult a reputable Abbotsford mechanic at Collins Automotive. Bringing your car in for suspension and other maintenance can prevent potholes from destroying your BMW.

Signs That May Indicate Pothole Damage

Knowing the signs to be aware of could save you much money on repairs. You will generally know when you hit a pothole, especially if it is particularly big or deep. However, you might not realize that you have a problem immediately. One sign to pay attention to is a thumping noise when you are turning the steering wheel. If you are unable to direct the vehicle when you need to stop quickly, the car may have sustained damage. When you hit the brake and the front end of your car dives downward, you could have a problem. Another indication of a potential issue is when your vehicle sways to one side as you are driving. If the car feels as though one end is lower than the other, it may have been damaged from the impact of a pothole. A car that bounces or lurches when it’s in motion could have a problem due to hitting a pothole.

How Pothole Damage Can Affect Your Vehicle

One of the main areas of your car that may be affected by the impact of a pothole is your suspension system. If you have hit a pothole and suspect that your car is not operating properly, you should take it to a qualified technician as soon as possible. The struts and shocks in your vehicle are likely to absorb the most impact, and you may need to have a part of your suspension system replaced.

In addition to the suspension system, your car’s wheel alignment may be affected when you drive over a pothole. This can affect your steering system, so getting your wheels realigned is imperative. If you continue to drive the vehicle without getting the wheels aligned, your tires may also become worn. You’ll find it increasingly difficult to handle the vehicle properly, and the risk of getting in an accident is likely to increase.

Schedule an Inspection

During pothole season, it isn’t always possible to avoid driving over one of these road craters. Your vehicle could experience problems as a result of driving over a pothole. Instead of letting such problems become worse, a better option is to contact us to schedule an inspection. The Collins team is ready to help you prevent pothole damage from destroying your BMW.

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