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Extending the Life of Your Audi: The Benefits of Routine Engine and Suspension Maintenance

Extending the Life of Your Audi

The Audi is a superior vehicle, and if you hope to preserve yours for as long as possible, you’ll need to take it in for periodic service visits. Having routine maintenance done on your car is vital to its overall longevity. Your Audi’s engine and suspension system should be serviced on a regular basis, so any minor issues can be addressed before they evolve into major problems.

Engine Tune-Ups

To keep your engine running as it is supposed to, you’ll need to schedule regular maintenance visits. Your mechanic may check such parts as the water pump, various belts, and your oil and coolant levels. Changing fluids and replacing worn parts are essential aspects of engine maintenance, so getting the engine checked periodically is important.

Suspension System Basics

Extending the Life of Your Audi

Your vehicle’s suspension system keeps it riding smoothly. An Audi may have any of a variety of suspension mechanisms, such as Allroad suspension or air suspension. However, the suspension system generally consists of certain basic components, such as the springs, struts, and shock absorbers. Your Audi’s suspension system must be checked at periodic intervals, in order to ensure that your vehicle delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

Suspension Work

During a typical maintenance visit for your Audi’s suspension system, a mechanic will check the various components that your car’s suspension system comprises. This will include the shocks, springs, and struts on your vehicle; if any or all of these components need to be replaced, your mechanic can do that. This will ensure that your car’s ride does not become uncomfortably bumpy and uneven over time.

When you drive a premium vehicle such as an Audi, the ride should always be as enjoyable as the day you brought your car home from the dealer. If you live and drive regularly in an urban environment, such as downtown Abbotsford, the ball joints and control arm bushings in your car’s suspension system could wear more quickly than they otherwise might. These components may be replaced during a suspension work visit, and certain upgrades might be recommended, so your Audi may continue to ride beautifully on urban roads.

Suspension System Types

Audis come with various kinds of suspension systems, so your mechanic may need to address the particular issues that accompany such systems. If your Audi has an air suspension system, for example, your mechanic may need to replace an airbag or compressor. When an Audi has a Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) suspension system, a coilover suspension conversion may be suggested for optimal performance of the mechanism.

In many cases, maintenance visits will cover several areas of your car, so you won’t need to schedule several service visits to get everything done. You might consult the maintenance schedule provided with your owner’s manual, or you can view the information available at the Audi ebsite. If you take your Audi in to be serviced regularly, you can spare yourself much time and money on expensive (and often avoidable) repairs.

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