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Frequently-Occurring Audi Problems and How to Handle Them

The Audi, across its variety of models, is a vehicle with great engineering and style. Audi owners love the comfort and reliability of this smooth riding car, but like all vehicles problems can crop up. The best way to prevent problems, of course, is keeping up with regular maintenance. When more serious issues pop up, however, the best choice is always to take your Audi to a reliable and certified mechanic. Even so, it’s important to know some of the common issues of your vehicle and what you can do to fix them.


Frequently-Occurring Audi Problems

Overheating can be a problem for Audi vehicles due to malfunctions in the cooling mechanisms or a failing thermostat. If the gauge is showing overheating you can open the hood and check the cooling elements. This includes the coolant lines, the radiator, and the thermostat. A cold thermostat indicates the thermostat itself is stuck and needs replacement while a warm radiator is likely caused by a bad water pump. Replacing either of these, depending on the root of the problem will resolve overheating issues.

Leaks in Transmission

Another issue that several Audi owners have dealt with over the years is oil leaks from the transmission. Fluid leaks can develop when the propeller shaft seal at the rear of the transmission starts to wear down. Replacing the seal fixes the leaking issue. Transmission leaks can also be caused by a loose pan or drain plugs that aren’t adequately secured after changing or flushing the fluid. Both of these are easy to fix by taking a look inside and tightening up the loose bolts.

Check Engine Light Issues

The check engine light turning on can be very frustrating for many people because it can be caused by a variety of problems. Common causes are vacuum leaks, oxygen sensor failure, or catalytic converter efficiency faults. Depending on the problem you can either replace the part yourself or have a mechanic do it if you don’t feel comfortable.

Power Steering Whine

Audi power steering fluid is mineral based and evaporates over time, sometimes causing a whining noise in the power steering. Topping off the fluid when it gets low and then aerating it will remove the problem.

Sunroof Problems

Having a sunroof is great, but if it’s acting up it can be a nightmare. Should the occasion arise when your sunroof starts acting like it’s possessed make sure to take out the switch, located above your head, to clean the contacts with electrical contact cleaner. If that doesn’t work you can buy a new switch fairly cheaply and easily.

While many small issues can be resolved by the owner relatively quickly and easily, especially with so many DIY resources available these days, it’s very important to remember that some problems should only be tackled by technically trained professionals. When you can’t solve it yourself, take the Audi to a mechanic and they’ll have you road ready in no time.

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