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Give it the Love it Deserves: Caring for your Volvo

Owning a Volvo can be the pride of any car owner but knowing the proper care and maintenance procedures is important. Especially as a resident of Sumas Prairie, Langley, and West Abbotsford, British Columbia, you know that the harshness of the outside climate, especially during the winter months, will warrant special attention to cleaning and regular maintenance routines in order to keep your Volvo at its peak performance and give your car the love and attention it deserves.

Having spent anywhere from $35,353 CAD for your Volvo S60 to $43,319 CAD for the Volvo XC90, you understand the importance of getting the most out of your vehicle. Here are some car care tips that you should consider when caring for your Volvo in the Sumas Prairie, Langley, and West Abbotsford, British Columbia cold in order to get the most out of your car.

Basic Winter Car Care Tips

Caring for your Volvo

The basic car care instructions that every Volvo driver should follow, whether you live and drive in West Abbotsford, British Columbia or Chicago, Illinois, include the following: check and maintain your vehicle’s lights, maintain all of your fluid levels, check the battery, check your Volvo’s exhaust or emission’s system, check your tires and check your wipers. Each of these components are important to maintain and often times do not require you to immediately go to your mechanic for assistance but can be performed on a routine basis around the house.

Make sure that your fluid levels are checked and appropriately leveled off every time you take your Volvo in for a regular oil change. Your tire pressure should be maintained at the correct level at all times; when you take your Volvo in to have the tire rotated for the British Columbia winter months make sure to have the pressure levels checked. It is also a good idea to keep a tire pressure gauge in the glove compartment and also make sure that you have an adequate spare tire in the trunk. Pay attention to warning lights, unusual noises and foul smells as these may be signs of a serious problem requiring the attention of your service technician or auto repair shop.

Common Cold Weather Mechanical Problems

It is easy to miss some of the more common problems that occur with your Volvo in the months leading up to or during winter. Many of these problems have their roots in simple causes that when left undetected result in bigger concerns and Canadian dollars out of your pocket. Small leaks that occur as a result of fuel changing from liquid to gas and evaporating can be detected by your Volvo’s computer system. Unfortunately we often ignore the check engine light indicator or dismiss it as a computer malfunction as oppose to an early detection of more serious engine trouble. Left undetected, your fuel evaporation problem may lead to less gas flowing to the engine or unexpected starting failures.

Car batteries and car tire problems are failures that are preventable. As mentioned, regular Volvo maintenance should give you insight on the air pressure level of your tires, the availability of a good working spare tire and whether your battery has the necessary charging capacity to start your car. Early detection and preventative maintenance can be the difference between your Volvo performing as it should during the winter and the need for regular roadside service.

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