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Going Green with BMW

While BMW has always been known for their impressive performance, beautiful styling, and plush luxury, in recent years they have added a few other words to their descriptions: efficient, and green.

Going Green with BMW

As the automotive world shifts towards alternatively fueled vehicles, the Ultimate Driving Machine has not only stayed with the times, but become one of the leading innovators. BMW’s impressive commitment to alternatively fueled vehicles is driven by their EfficientDynamics engine line, which helps the company develop new and improved ways to reduce traditional fuel consumption in their cars. To show you the many ways that BMW is now going green, here’s a little more about EfficientDynamics, as well as the three different engine options that BMW is employing to reduce their environmental impact.


BMW’s EfficientDynamics family is based on a simple yet effective motto:

“Less Emissions. More Driving Pleasure.”

And indeed, that is exactly what the line does. While most car companies focus their green lines on efficiency, BMW has put as much emphasis on the second word of their environmentally conscious family: dynamic. EfficientDynamics is not so much about protecting the dynamic driving feel of a BMW while increasing the efficiency; rather, it’s about simultaneously increasing both. EfficientDynamics aims to build BMWS that are more fun to drive, more friendly to the environment, and more kind to your wallet.

BMW’s EfficientDynamics team focuses on innovation; their forward thinking vision is at the core of all of BMW’s future plans. One of their primary goals is to reduce the amount of different engines that BMW produces, so that all of their engines are efficiency variations of the same machine. As BMW continues to evolve into the ultimate efficient driving machine, EfficientDynamics will be at the heart of their operations.

Hybrid Options

BMW’s line of ActiveHybrid options serves as arguably the most innovative movement in recent history for the German automaker. While many of their competitors – such as Audi – have chosen to eschew hybrids, BMW has embraced them. They currently offer three ActiveHybrid models – one each for their 3, 5, and 7 Series models. The results are predictably impressive: BMW has combined wildly powerful gasoline engines with impressively efficient electric motors, to create a high-performance fuel-efficient vehicle. The ActiveHybrid 3 Series pumps out 335 horsepower while making an EPA-estimated 78 km/L highway. The 5 Series also reaches 335 horsepower, while still managing an EPA-estimated 71 km/L highway. And the large and luxurious 7 series maintains the EPA-estimated 71 km/L highway while cranking out a whopping 350 horsepower.

Diesel Options

It’s no secret that European cars are masterful when it comes to diesel options; and BMW is arguably at the top of the class, offering far better options than their Audi and Mercedes-Benz counterparts. Like with ActiveHybrid, BMW offers diesel options for their three flagship series’ – 3, 5, and 7. The 328d has an eye-opening EPA-estimated 106 km/L highway, the 535d makes an equally impressive EPA-estimated 89 km/L highway, and the ultra plush 740Ld is expected to reach mid-80s highway km/L. And because the models are diesel, they feature extreme torque, making them as fun for your right foot as they are for your wallet.

Electric Options

With the automotive world quickly moving away from fuel options, BMW has understood the importance of creating high-end, finely-refined electric vehicles. They’ve started their electric campaign with the small i3, which gets 70-110 miles per charge. The i8 is following hot on its tail, and promises high end sports car performance (0-60 in 4.2 seconds) with fully emission free driving.

BMW is called the Ultimate Driving Machine for a reason. And as they go green, they’re carrying that label into the environmentally conscious future.

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