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How to get the Most out of Your Volvo this Winter

Prepping Your Volvo for the Winter

Volvos have a reputation of being very reliable, and they make great winter vehicles. Most Volvos built after 2004 come equipped with all-wheel drive as well as electronic sensors that identify traction loss as soon as it occurs. A new Volvo is probably about as safe as a winter vehicle can be, but that doesn’t mean drivers shouldn’t be careful when they have to drive in the ice and snow. The winters in Abbotsford, BC can be rough, and you need to be careful even if you’re driving the most reliable Volvo on the market. Here are some things you can do to stay safe and get the most out of your Volvo this winter.

Invest in Snow Tires

Volvos may be better than most cars when driving on ice and snow, but even the most reliable vehicle will have almost zero traction on a slippery road. Even if you drive a Volvo that is equipped with all-wheel drive, you should invest in a set of snow tires if you plan to do a lot of driving this winter. The extra traction and security will be well worth the purchase.

Go Slow

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, it will be more difficult for you to stop in the winter. Give yourself plenty of room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, and never drive faster than conditions allow. Give yourself at least 30 extra minutes to get anywhere so you won’t be tempted to go faster than you can safely drive.

Don’t Rely On Your Brakes

Many people seem to think that hitting their brakes will magically stop their car even when it’s sliding out of control. This is a bad idea, and will only make your situation worse. When you have to stop on an icy road, ease off the accelerator to slow down and gently apply the brakes to come to a complete stop. Many Volvos come equipped with anti-lock brakes that will activate on slick roads, so get used to how they feel if this applies to your vehicle. They might save you from an accident if you find yourself on a particularly bad road.

Don’t Get Overconfident

It’s easy to become overconfident when you’re in a good winter vehicle, and that overconfidence is just as likely to cause an accident as someone who has never driven in the winter before. You may feel safe when you have snow tires, all-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be careful. Above all else, remember that driving in the winter is very different from driving in the summer. Never overestimate your driving skills or underestimate the dangers of an icy road.

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