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How to Handle Common Volvo Issues

Common Volvo Issues

Swedish-based Volvo is the maker and several popular car models owned and driven on the roads of Canada. These include the C30 Hatchback, C70 Convertible, S60 Sedan and V60 Wagon among its offerings. The Volvo has a stellar reputation for both safety and reliability and is well suited for the Canadian terrain and weather.

There are however several common problems that are shared by owners of the different Volvo models. Here is a survey of some of these problems and how you can detect them if they are happening with your Volvo car. If these problems arise you should also be armed with the knowledge on how to handle these problems and possibly prevent them from occurring to you.

Certain Transmission Problems Common with Volvo V70 Models

Common Volvo Issues

The Volvo V70 is outfitted with a transmission system that was originally manufactured in 1997. The transmission, although reliable, has problems with shifting between gears, which has been reported by some Volvo owners as being erratic. Problems with shifting between gears should be a signal to have a service technician look at the vehicle in order to determine the severity of this issue and appropriate service needed to restore the proper functioning of the transmission.

Leaking Power Steering Fluid

A leaking hose that delivers power steering fluid the steering system can be detected by a malfunctioning steering system. The leak may be easy to detect and fix by cutting of the length of hose containing the leak and reattaching it. If this does not work, have a service technician replace the power steering fluid hose.

Cooling Fan Problems

Common Volvo Issues

The cooling fan is an essential component for your Volvo, helping to keep the coolant from getting too hot and increasing the efficiency of your Volvo’s air conditioning system. If the cooling fan does not work properly, the Volvo’s engine may be susceptible to overheating and potentially failing. The problem that is occurring with your Volvo’s cooling fan can be detected by the check engine light and solved through an update or fix to your Volvo’s software. Seek the services of a trained service technician to help correct your vehicle’s cooling fan problem.

Concerns with Certain Volvo Model Fuse Boxes

Volvo 240 models may have problems that arise from the fuse box. The location of the box, which is on the driver side, makes it susceptible to corrosion from water damage. This corrosion will result in failure of certain electrical functions in your Volvo 240. Problems with the fuse box can be prevented and detected early on at least annually with a thorough inspection of the fuse box. The box should be cleaned and the individual fuses inspected for corrosion. If corroded, immediately have the fuse replaced with a new one.

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