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Is Your Audi Ready for Summer? How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Hottest Months

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Hottest Months

The warmest months of the year will soon be here, so it’s time to prepare your Audi for them. From getting the cooling system checked to power-washing the exterior, you might do a variety of things to get your vehicle ready for summer. When you need to schedule any kind of maintenance visit, it’s always helpful to find a trustworthy mechanic who’s located in Abbotsford. A qualified and reliable professional can help you to decide what kind of maintenance your car needs for the hottest season.

Clean the Exterior

One of the first things you may wish to do after winter is give your car a good cleaning. Winter weather and other seasonal conditions can leave a layer of salt and other substances on your car. Now that the weather is warm, you can clean the exterior with a power-washer. You might do this yourself, and you might also have this job done by professionals. Getting your car waxed at this point may help to protect the paint job during the hottest, driest, dustiest time of year. This is also a good time to clean the interior of your car, so it’s sanitized and comfortable if you go on a road trip.

Check the Air Conditioning

At the top of your summer maintenance list should be an air conditioning system check. If your mechanic performs a check at the beginning of the season, you’ll be less likely to experience problems when you need your air conditioning most. A professional can do a quick visual inspection for leaks, cracks, and proper operation. Belts, hoses, lines, and seals can all be examined during such a maintenance check. If the system needs to be recharged, this is an ideal time of year to do it.

Inspect the Cooling System

An overheated engine can lead to an inconvenient breakdown. Your technician can remove any debris that may have accumulated near the radiator. If the radiator cap is worn, this can be replaced. The coolant may also need to be replaced; this will help to keep the engine running as it should during the summer season.

Change the Tires

If you use winter tires during the coldest months, be sure to change them now. Using snow tires in the summer can actually lead to problems, and it could even put you and others at risk. Summer tires are designed to support drier roads and higher speeds. Additionally, your winter tires will wear out much more quickly if you use them in the summer, so changing the tires now is an economical choice.

Getting your Audi ready for summer is just as important as winterizing it for cold weather. You’ll want to be as safe and free of worry in the summer as possible, so you can fully enjoy the weather and summer driving. With a little guidance from the staff at Collins, you can adequately prepare your car for the warm months. Feel free to contact us for a free quote on a summer maintenance visit.

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