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Is Your VW’s Air Conditioning Working Properly? How to Know if You Need AC Service

VW Air Condition

If you appreciate being completely comfortable when you drive, then you may prefer to drive a car that has a fully functioning air conditioning system. Not all vehicles come with air conditioning, but most of the newer models on the market do. If you drive a VW with an air conditioning system, you will want to be sure that the system is working properly in the summer months. It’s important that you take your Volkswagen to a knowledgeable mechanic in Abbotsford, such as a mechanic at Collins Automotive. A technician who is qualified to work on Volkswagens is the best person to do the maintenance and repair jobs that your VW requires.

Do All VWs Come With Air Conditioning?

Newer models are typically equipped with air conditioning. However, VW vehicles built decades ago, such as the older VW Bus and Beetle models, did not come with AC. This is because the engines in such vehicles did not generally support an air conditioning system. You could (and still can) have air conditioning kits installed in the older Beetles and Buses, but many mechanics may not recommend this. If you have an older VW vehicle, you might wish to consult a mechanic about the possibility of having air conditioning installed in it.

How an Auto AC System Functions

The air conditioning is what cools the air inside your vehicle. This system also removes the moisture from the air. Such a system generally comprises three primary components: the evaporator, the condenser, and the compressor. The evaporator dries the air by reducing its humidity level. The condenser works as a radiator to radiate heat away from the AC system. The compressor pushes the refrigerant into the condenser. Essentially, the air conditioning in an auto is a complex system, which ultimately yields an effect worth appreciating. When all of the parts of an auto air conditioning system are working together and functioning properly, the result should be cool, dry air in the interior of your vehicle.

Signs That Your Vehicle’s AC Needs Maintenance

To ensure that your car’s air conditioning system is working as it should, it can be helpful to know a few of the signs of potential problems. One of the most common signs of a problem is a lack of cold air. This issue could indicate a clogged tube or hose in the system. Your AC system might also have a refrigerant leak that is causing the problem. Other issues associated with a lack of cool air include a failed blower motor, a vacuum leak, and a malfunctioning relay.

Another common occurrence that can indicate trouble is a low level of airflow. This symptom could be a sign of a broken ventilation fan. It may also indicate a loose hose, an open seal, or a buildup of mildew in the evaporator core.

If the AC in your vehicle is not working properly, you should schedule an appointment with a qualified local mechanic. Don’t hesitate to fill out our free quote form for more information. When the temperature rises, you’ll want to be sure that the air conditioning in your VW is functioning as it should.

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