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It’s Almost Summer: Have You De-Winterized Your VW?

De-Winterized Your VW

De-winterizing your VW in preparation for summer is just as important as winterizing it to get ready for cold weather. The hot months present specific challenges for a vehicle, so you’ll need to stay a step ahead of the season and bring your Volkswagen in for a maintenance visit. Bringing your car in to a skilled mechanic in Abbotsford is both advisable and convenient. Once you know your vehicle is sufficiently prepared for the hot weather that is imminent, you can get out on the road and enjoy the summer.

Give Some Attention to the Tires

Before summer is here, it’s a good idea to pay some attention to your car’s tires. If you’ve been driving on winter tires for the past several months, you’ll need to have those replaced with tires that are suitable for summer. If the tread is worn on your summer tires, they should be replaced, as well. Checking the pressure in your tires is also a wise strategy ( remember to check the spare tire). You should check them once a month when temperatures are high (be sure to do this when the tires are as cool as possible).

Check the Windshield and Wipers

Winter weather can cause your car’s windshield wipers to become worn, so they may need to be replaced before summer. Generally, wiper blades should be replaced about once or twice each year. You might choose to use wipers designed for either winter or summer weather – if so, you’ll need to switch to the summer wipers now. Before you install the new wiper blades, you should take advantage of the opportunity to thoroughly clean your windshield. Don’t forget to look at your windshield wiper fluid level and add more fluid as needed.

Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Your mechanic can do this when you take your vehicle in to be de-winterized. Your cabin air filter keeps the interior of your car free of odors and allergens. You will want to be sure that this is checked and replaced as needed, so you don’t spend the warm months suffering from unpleasant odors and poor air quality.

Keep Yourself and the Engine Cool

To be truly ready for summer, you’ll need to get the air conditioning system inspected. If anything is leaking or broken, this is the best time to deal with it. Just as you need to stay cool and comfortable, your engine must also stay regulated in temperature – so don’t forget to have the coolant level checked, as well as flushed and refilled if necessary.

If you’ve waited all winter to enjoy the warm weather, you don’t need to wait any longer. If you have your VW inspected before the summer months, you can drive it with confidence throughout the season. Fill out our free quote form today, and we’ll help you get your vehicle de-winterized for the upcoming season.

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