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Keeping Your Volvo Cared for During the Winter

Prepping Your Volvo for the Winter

Winter weather can be tough on a vehicle, especially in a place like Abbotsford. Even if you have a car that can handle winter conditions well, such as a Volvo, you may find yourself driving as little as possible when the weather is forbidding. Whether you drive your Volvo every day or once a month in the winter, caring for it properly can help you to get the most out of every driving experience.

Change Your Motor Oil and Use a Thinner Variety

Be sure to change the oil in your car sometime before the coldest months. Your Volvo won’t run as well if it’s running on dirty oil, and dirty oil could cause damage to the engine. In the winter months, you’ll need to use motor oil that is thinner than the kind you’d use in warm weather. This will enable your motor to start and run more easily.

Schedule a Winter Maintenance Visit

One way to keep your Volvo running properly in the winter is to schedule a maintenance visit. Your mechanic will examine the parts of your vehicle that are especially important in cold weather, such as your engine and battery. If anything needs to be repaired, getting it fixed may prevent a breakdown or an accident in the winter.

Check Your Tires Often and Use the Right Ones

You need to check the tire pressure monthly, especially in the winter. Driving on underinflated or overinflated tires could result in a collision. Worn tires can cause your Volvo to slide more than it should, so you should replace the tires if needed. Since you are sure to experience snow on Abbotsford roads, getting snow tires for your Volvo is a wise strategy. Be sure to install a full set for optimal safety and stability.

Ensure That Your Volvo is Properly Protected

Keeping your vehicle protected from the weather will extend its life. Ideally, you can keep your Volvo in a garage during the winter. Even a carport can help to keep it protected from direct snowfall. If you don’t have access to a garage or carport, a car cover can at least offer some protection.

Run the Engine Regularly

If you don’t drive your Volvo as much in the winter as you do the rest of the year, you should turn on the engine weekly. You don’t even need to drive the car when you do this. However, you should let the engine run for a few minutes (be sure to open the garage door to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning). Letting the motor run for a few minutes weekly will help to keep the battery from dying.

You may choose not to drive your car much in the winter, but caring for it is still important. Basic maintenance could help you save money on expensive and avoidable repairs. This will also ensure that your Volvo is in top condition when you’re ready to drive it.

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