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Looking for a Small Car? Consider the Mini

Consider the Mini

While large cars have been the king of the road for many years, many drivers have realized that smaller cars can give you a distinct advantage. Smaller cars are not only more fuel-efficient, more affordable, and easier to drive than large cars, they are also a prime choice for those who like style as they offer up many options for expressive design. For those in the market for small cars, the Mini is worth considering, its small size and weight will let attack a curving road with style and grace.

Why Mini?

The Mini has been around for quite some time and this small two-door, four-passenger car seems to be growing up, with a new third generation model introduced in 2014 that’s getting great reviews. Maybe considered one of the raw and grittier small car versions in years past, the reviews for the latest models that make it a better driving experience and improves performance, fuel efficiency, and practicality while maintaining the classic hatchback’s loveably character.The slick exteriors are accompanied by upscale cabins, peppy turbo engine, and nimble handling. What this essentially means is that the Mini is fully stocked and offers features that are usually seen only in the high-end luxury car market.

Model Comparisons

All new Mini’s feature an impressive exterior redesign and are available in a multitude of options, including convertible, coupe, hardtop, roadster, paceman, and countryman. Which Mini you want to take home depends on your taste. The classic and original hardtop has a bit of an extra punch, it’s feistier and more fun, can park itself, connects to all your devices, and is the most affordable of the options. The Countryman option tries to compensate for the lack of space that have plagued Mini reviews, coming with 4 doors, 5 seats, a larger cargo space, along with amazing efficiency and precise handling. It’s the most expensive of the standard options, but the Roadster is brilliant on the open road, it’s an agile two-seat soft-top that’s perfect for those who love to go in style.

Other Cars to Consider

Mini’s are a great option, with their premium build and excellent engineering, they rank among the safest and most fun to drive small vehicles, but there’s plenty of competition. One of the biggest complaints for Mini’s is the slightly more cramped back seat and less cargo space, when compared to some of its rivals. Two competitors to watch out for include the 2014 versions of the Volkswagon GTI and the Fiat 500L. The Volkswagon is more expensive than both the Mini and Fiat, but ranks higher in overall performance tests and offers the extra cargo space Mini’s are missing along with spacious front and rear seats and a high-quality interior. A sluggish navigation system, however, taints the reviews of this car. The Fiat, on the other hand, comes in at a slightly lower price than the Mini with excellent intuitive controls and tech features and great cargo space. Those looking for a sportier drive, however, will note that the Fiat doesn’t handle as nicely as its competitors, amongst them the Mini.

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