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Oil Changes 101: Changing the Oil in Your Volkswagen

Changing the Oil in Your Volkswagen

Vehicle maintenance can prevent the need for a wide range of repairs, and oil changes are an important aspect of maintenance. In fact, changing the oil in your car regularly is essential to its functionality. Understanding the basics related to oil changes may help you to understand why this simple procedure is so vital to the longevity of your VW vehicle.

Neglecting to Change the Oil

Motor oil is the substance that lubricates the engine, and this is why oil is such an essential product for a motor vehicle. If you were to fail to take your car in for one oil change, the damage might not be too great – but generally, missing even one oil change is not recommended. Important additives in the oil wear out over time; when this happens, the oil will no longer lubricate the engine effectively.

When you don’t change the oil periodically, it also becomes dirty. Dirty oil can cause the filter to become clogged, which can lead to malfunction and unnecessary wear on the filter and engine. The dirt that may clog your filter is also known as sludge, and it may consist of materials such as acids and engine metals. Sludge will contaminate various components in your vehicle, so taking action to prevent it is advisable; that action is the oil change.

Scheduling Oil Changes

The recommended frequency of oil changes may vary according to vehicle type and manufacturer. Generally, an oil change is suggested after approximately every 5,000 km. One way to remember this is to check the current number of kilometers driven immediately after getting an oil change. If you write down this figure and the date of the oil change, and store this information in your glove compartment, you will quickly be able to determine when you need to schedule your next visit.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is lubricant made from synthetic ingredients instead of natural petroleum. Numerous drivers choose to use synthetic oil during the months when temperatures are extreme, such as during the cold Abbotsford winters. This is because the synthetic variety is more stable than conventional oil when the temperature is very high or low. Synthetic oil is usually more expensive than the conventional kind, but it can also extend the length of time between oil changes. If you choose synthetic oil for your car, you may be able to schedule oil changes every 8,000 km instead of every 5000 km. You may wish to discuss the topic further with your mechanic to determine whether you want synthetic oil for your vehicle.

Get a Free Quote and Schedule an Oil Change

Getting the oil changed in your Volkswagen is a crucial aspect of ensuring its long life. You probably put some serious thought into the purchase of your vehicle, and you likely spent some of your savings on it. If you take great care of it and schedule oil changes as recommended, you should be able to drive your VW for a long time. Be sure to fill out our free quote form today, so you can schedule an appointment with a qualified mechanic at Collins Automotive.

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