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Prepping Your Volvo for the Winter

Winter is here. And as a resident of Abbotsford, Canada, you want to make sure that your Volvo — which, coincidentally enough, was initially envisioned to withstand rough roads and cold temperatures—is in the very best of shape during this season. Here are five tips to keep your Volvo in tip-top shape: not only for the winter, but also for all seasons.

Prepping Your Volvo for the Winter

Get Some Winter Tires

With snowfall, it can get very difficult to achieve traction on the roads. And as a result, it is easier to lose control of the car while driving. So, tire manufacturers provide tires that are specifically made for the winter. Designed with a rubber compound that stays pliable in cold weather, winter tires enhances traction over regular tires, which take much more time to stop and usually skid during a quick maneuver.

Check the Volvo’s Mechanics

It’s not just the tires that go through a harder time during the winter. The vehicle’s battery has to work harder to store the power that the engine needs to start. And the engine itself is more susceptible to amplifying its problems—such as hard starts, pings, and rough idling—when the climate is colder. Check the battery for any signs of corrosion, and clean off rust with a toothbrush and a mixture of water and baking soda. Replace the battery if you must; industry experts suggest that you do so every four or five years. Regarding the engine, you can take your Volvo to your local Abbotsford mechanic to perform a tune-up—preferably before it gets colder than it is now. Also get in the habit of turning on your vehicle and letting it run for a few minutes to warm it up before driving.

Keep Your Volvo Warm

If you have a garage, keep your vehicle in there when you are not driving it. Ideally, the vehicle should be kept in a cool and dry place to keep it away from the freezing cold. On the other hand, if you don’t have a garage, warming up the engine for a few minutes is strongly encouraged.

Have Your Winter Tools

If you get a lot of snow in the area this winter, chances are that your Volvo can get stuck. And that’s when the snow shovel emerges as your best friend—digging your car out of icy and snowy situations. Also get a windshield scraper for removing snow and ice from the windshields, windows, and anywhere else that impacts your vision when driving.

Get a Roadside Assistance Membership

In some instances, getting stranded is unavoidable. So, you want to be prepared at all times, and a prime way of doing so is having a roadside assistance membership. You can either sign up for one independently or check your dealership or job to see if they offer an affordable package. Examples of roadside assistance services include AAA and National Roadside Assistance.

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