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Abbotsford Auto Repair

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Quick and Accurate Repairs for Your Subaru

If you have a car, you will have to take it in for repairs at one point. It is as simple as that. What is not as simple, however, is how to proceed from there. There are plenty of choices that you can make, but only one gets you the best quality services at the most affordable price.

The first instinct might be to take the car to the dealership for auto repairs. This way, you guarantee that you will get great quality work, but it will cost you. Another choice would be to turn to a friend or relative that knows about cars and ask him to help you out. This will definitely be a cheap option, but you are now going to receive services anywhere near the quality of those of professional, skilled technicians. If it is a small issue, you can even try to do things by yourself. This is the most affordable solution, but you will have nobody else to blame in case you do more damage to your car.

There is one last solution which, in most cases, is the best alternative since it combines quality services with affordable prices: you can use a small, family owned independent auto shop. These are easy to find in the Abbotsford, BC area and they employ skilled technicians that are more than equipped and fully trained to handle all mechanical or electronic issues which a car can develop. If you resort to their services you will benefit from fast and reliable work as well as impeccable customer service.

Such family owned companies are perceived as being more trustworthy by the general public. This is their main advantage, but the truth is that they work hard in order to achieve this reputation. Their customer support is much more personal and they are more willing to spend some one-on-one time with each of their clients than a big dealership and that is how their business grows. Add to that the quality of their auto repair and you get a company that is well worth your time and business.

Just because the company is family owned and small does not mean that they do not see their share of cars. In fact, they are more qualified than a dealership since those mechanics only see one or two car brands, while the skilled technicians that work at these independent auto shops see all kinds of cars pass through.

If you own a Subaru then you know that this, like all other Japanese cars, is a vehicle of precision. Every little thing has its own special place in the car and there are a lot of them to contend with. This is to be expected from cars that have as high performance as a Subaru, well known for its fast and reliable, yet affordable cars. You want to make sure that you turn to the services of someone that is knowledgeable about these kinds of cars, if you want your Subaru to remain in great shape and in Abbotsford, BC this means using the family owned auto shop like Collins Automotive.

Collins Automotive

Family Owned Auto Shop, Serving Abbotsford, BC and surrounding area since 1993

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