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Subaru Owners: The Importance of Getting Your Tires Rotated

The Importance of Getting Your Tires Rotated

Vehicle maintenance is essential to the longevity of any vehicle. Your vehicle’s tires may experience a lot of wear and tear, and keeping them in top condition will help to keep you and your passengers safe. Regular tire maintenance can also save you money, so scheduling periodic visits with a great local mechanic in Abbotsford is a wise investment. Collins Automotive can help you to give your Subaru’s tires the attention they need to remain in the best possible shape.

Why Tire and Wheel Maintenance Visits Are Important

Understanding why it’s important to get your vehicle’s tires rotated and balanced (and the wheels aligned) is an excellent motivator for scheduling maintenance visits. If the tires are not rotated regularly, they will begin to wear unevenly. This means that you may need to replace them sooner than you would if they were rotated on a regular basis.

When tires become unbalanced, the ride can become wobbly and uneven. One potential problem is static imbalance (an issue with a tire that prevents it from rolling properly). Another problem that may occur is dynamic imbalance (uneven distribution of weight resulting in abnormal vibration). Either issue should be addressed as soon as possible.

Proper wheel alignment is essential, as well. If the wheels are not aligned as they should be, your vehicle may begin to drift to the left or right while you’re driving. This can result in uneven wear on your car’s tires, and if the problem is not corrected, you will need to replace your tires before long.

What Happens During a Maintenance Visit?

Under normal circumstances, a tire rotation visit should not take more an hour or two. Such visits are often combined with oil changes as part of a regular preventative maintenance schedule. The technician will move each tire to a different position on your vehicle, which will help to prevent uneven wear.

A balancing visit does not usually take longer than half an hour, depending on the circumstances. A technician will remove each wheel and tire and use a machine to determine whether they are balanced correctly. If they are not, the imbalance will be corrected based on the types of wheels and tires found on your car.

Most alignment jobs take about an hour or two to complete. A mechanic will check the wheels to be sure they are aligned properly. If the alignment is off, the mechanic will adjust the angles of the wheels.

Most maintenance visits do not take very long, and they can help you to avoid much longer repair visits later. While rotation, balancing, and alignment appointments should not take a lot of your time, they are all essential to the longevity of your wheels and tires. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote on maintenance visits.

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