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Summer Maintenance Visits – What Subaru Impreza Owners Should Know

What Subaru Impreza Owners Should Know

GSubaru Imprezaetting seasonal maintenance checks is important to the life of any vehicle, including the Impreza. Many car owners understand the significance of having their cars serviced before the winter season, but summer maintenance visits are just as essential. You may drive your car more in the summertime, which can lead to the inevitable wear and tear of various parts. Instead of waiting for problems to manifest, you might consider taking your car in for a summer maintenance visit with a great, local mechanic at Collins Automotive. Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle, a technician may examine a wide range of systems and components during a maintenance check.

Tire Maintenance

The tires on your vehicle should always be checked before you do the majority of your summer driving. A professional at Collins can inspect the wear, tread, and pressure of your tires, so you are as safe as possible when out on the road. Certain signs of wear may indicate that your tires need to be rotated or balanced. Your mechanic may also determine that the wheel alignment is off and needs to be adjusted. Additionally, if you use seasonal tires for your vehicle, you should switch them before you go on any road trips for summer.

The Lights

Another aspect of a typical summer maintenance inspection may be having the engine lights checked. Your mechanic might do a quick check of the headlights, brake lights, taillights, fog lights, and turn signals. Another point worth noting is that the lenses on all of the lights should be kept clean to ensure visibility.

Air Conditioning

On hot summer days, you will want the air conditioning in your car to function well. Ideally, this vehicle system should be checked at the onset of summer. If there are any problems that must be addressed or parts to be replaced, it’s best to identify such issues before the temperatures are very warm. A mechanic might run a performance check and inspect the system for leaks. You’ll be glad you had the air conditioning serviced if Abbotsford experiences a heat wave sometime during the summer months.

The Battery

The battery should also be tested for summer. The heat of summer can be just as demanding on a car battery as cold temperatures. Examining a car battery does not generally take a long time, and it could help you to avoid a breakdown at a particularly inconvenient time. A technician may check the charging rate, charging system, and voltage output in order to detect a potential battery failure. Replacing a failing battery is far less expensive than hiring a tow truck when you’re suddenly stranded, especially since the battery will still need to be replaced after your vehicle is towed to a repair shop.

Summer presents a unique set of challenges for drivers. High temperatures and summer driving may lead to the wear and tear of a wide range of car parts. If you are ready to have your car serviced for summer, contact Collins Automotive today.

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