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The Most Common BMW Issues

Common BMW Problems

In the world of cars, the BMW is certainly considered part of the royal family of luxury vehicles. Through the years and across the varied models, BMW has maintained a high level of style, comfort, and sleek design. Of course, it’s not just enough to look good, BMWs are also known for the engineering quality, constantly pushing the limits in the automotive sector. There is no perfect car, however, and owners and prospective buyers should know that BMWs come with their own set of mechanical weaknesses. That being said, the best way to keep your BMW in shape is through careful use and taking the car in to a certified BMW technician for its scheduled maintenance.

Engine Cooling Systems

One of the more reported issues with BMWs is the engine cooling systems. Overheating in the engine could be caused by one or several issues in the cooling system and fairly common causes are things like coolant leaks and failed water pumps. If the low coolant light comes on, it’s time to check the system as you may need to have a part replaced. Even if the main problem seems to be just one problem, it’s important to have the entire coolant system checked as multiple leaks are frequently found in these cases. Keep in mind this is a problem that should be addressed immediately as neglecting it could cause severe engine damage.

Oil Leaks

In BMWs, oil leaks are one of the problems owners frequently face. Tell-tale signs that the car has an oil leak is the smell of ‘burnt oil’ under the hood which you also may be able to smell when the car is running, but not moving. Oil leaks can be caused by a variety of things, including failed fuel pumps and fuel injectors or leaking from the valve cover gasket. Finding out the source of the leak and having the part replaced is usually the way to go.

Noise from Top of Front/Rear Windows

Several owners of BMWs report hearing a creak or squeak at the top of the front and rear doors that’s most noticeable if the windows are fully up. The source of this problem can be a decay in the material that seals the doors. This is something you can quickly and easily fix yourself using new door seal, lube, or even teflon tape.

Electrical System Problems

Electrical problems can be some of the most annoying problems you can face, especially in older vehicles. Maybe the radio only works in reverse, or the dashboard light goes on and off at intermittent times. These issues are often not severe, though they can be difficult to diagnose. Depending on the specific issue, there are various DIY guides and forums online that you can check for advice and instructions if you feel like tackling the problem yourself. If these fail or you feel unprepared to handle the problem yourself, the best solution is always to have a BMW mechanic check it out for you.

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