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The Most Common Subaru Problems

Common Subaru Problems

Owning a Subaru, for most Canadian drivers, provides a trouble free experience and ability to enjoy driving at its best. Subarus. Like other brands of vehicles, experience some problems that may take away from your ownership experience. Knowing what the common problems are with Subarus and how to identify them early on will help you acquire the necessary repairs in order to keep your car on the road and operating in its peak form.

Problems with Air Conditioning O-Rings

One common problem facing the owners of is the problem of the vehicle’s air conditioning working properly. You notice this problem is, on a hot or humid day, the air being blown through the vents is warm. This sign should be taken as an indication that the O-ring seals in your Subaru’s air conditioning (A/C) system are worn out and need to be replaced. A qualified technician can help you identify the source of the leak or leaks in your A/C system in order to replace your worn out O-rings.

Problems with the Inner Joint Boots

The axle of your Subaru connects the wheels with the transmission. The axle is designed with two joints, known as the inner and outer axle joints. Each joint is packed with grease contained in a rubber boot, which acts as a source of lubrication in order for your car to move. The inner boot (which is also referred to as the double offset joint or DOJ) resides near your Subaru’s exhaust system and ay be susceptible to splitting and wearing out.

You will be alerted to a problem with the inner joint boots by a burning smell coming from your exhaust system. This early warning should prompt you to take your Subaru to a technician to have the axle removed and the DOJ repacked, thus avoiding a more expensive replacement of the entire axle.

Problems with the Head Gaskets

The engine oil and coolant passage areas of your Subaru flow through the engine’s head gasket. Failure of the head gasket, a problem with some Subaru models, can result in leaks inside and outside the engine. Detecting a leaking head gasket is a simple thing to do – simply pay attention to your Subaru’s oil and coolant levels to see if they are going down too quickly, particularly after routine servicing. Oil or coolant that leaks onto your exhaust will create a burning smell that will be easy to notice. If you suspect that your Subaru’s head gaskets are leaking, have a service technician immediately address this problem.

Problems with Front Suspension

When you have your Subaru services for routine maintenance such as oil and filter changes, ask your service technician to inspect the rubber components that comprise your front suspension. These parts are subject to wear and tear, particularly if you live in a dry climate area and will wear and crack over time. A simple check will give you assurance that these components are working correctly or are in need of replacement.

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