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Volkswagen Goes Green

Volkswagen Goes Green

Volkswagen is one of the automakers keeping this in mind with a variety of options, including both hybrid and diesel options, for eco-conscious customers which is, surely, appreciated by the divers in environmentally-conscious Abbotsford, BC.

Industry Leaders

In their push fro eco-friendliness, Volkswagen has also become the first automobile company worldwide to be awarded with a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification for their new manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. What exactly does that mean? The plant was given platinum certification, the highest designation possible from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and earned 52 out of 69 possible points. Some of the sustainable highlights include designing an a paint shop that saves nearly 190 million liters of water a year, a reflective roof that lowers cooling costs and saves energy, low flow water closets and urinals, and having 48% of building materials come from recycled materials. The plane even promotes environmentally friendly commutes for workers with bike racks and preferred parking for drivers of low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles as well as carpoolers. And wait till you see what the plant is cranking out in terms of eco-friendly.

The VW Hybrids

Volkswagen uses the slogan ‘finally, a hybrid that doesn’t drive like one’ to entice potential buyers with a car they can still have fun driving, but will also be saving them on gas. VW’s frontrunner of hybrid models is the Jetta. With its classy and understated design, the Jetta is one of the best performing hybrid vehicles out there and a favorite of reviewers. The uniqueness of the Jetta may be because Volkwagen has combined TDI technology with the hybrid powertrains leading to the new turbocharged Jetta Hybrid. It’s a compact car that features a lot of power and impressive kpl, 17.5 to 20.4 city/highway. There’s four configurations to choose from, prices falling between the $25,560USD for Base and $31,895 for SEL Premium.

If you are looking for luxury in a hybrid model you can always look to VW original hybrid, the Touareg Hybrid, which actually puts out more power than many V8 SUVs and gives you 8.5 city/10.2 highway kpl for the reasonable price of $64,745. This luxurious, stylish, and supercharged offers a variety of options for buyers from sleek interiors to flawlessly finished exteriors and a range of integrated technologies.

The VW Diesels

If you want to be green, but skip the hybrid Volkswagen also has an impressive lineup of TDI Clean Diesel models. The technology behind the TDI Clean Diesel gives the vehicles significantly more torque than comparable engines and keeps CO2 emissions lower compared to 93% of other vehicles and 30% better fuel economy to boot. Included in the lineup is a version of the Jetta if you’d rather pass on the hybrid version and only pay the $22,490USD. With that kind of efficiency you can drive further without fueling up as often. Starting at $26,575USD, the popular Passat TDI Clean Diesel can get you nearly 1,280 km on a single tank of gas with features like Bluetooth® mobile phone connectivity and voice activation, a climate control system, a leather-wrapped multifunctional steering wheel, and more.

Or maybe you want to try out the classic two door Beetle that’s also available in a TDI Clean Diesel Version. This compact is $24,675USD and comes with the standard set of features for interiors and exteriors with the option to add a panoramic sunroof. You can also check out TDI Clean Diesel options on the Golf Wagon and the luxury Touareg, of course.


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