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Why Tire Rotation Is Beneficial for Your BMW

Tire Rotation Is Beneficial for Your BMW

Maintenance visits keep a BMW in beautiful shape. The best way to ensure that your tires and wheels stay in excellent condition is to schedule maintenance visits with a local, knowledgeable mechanic in Abbotsford. In order to understand the significance of such upkeep, it may be helpful to explore the topic a little further.

What Is Wheel and Tire Maintenance?

You probably know that new tires can be expensive, but you may not be aware that upkeep can prevent a premature need for tire replacement. Your wheels and tires need to be inspected periodically for normal wear and tear, as well as for any problems that may be present. Some mechanics may combine certain maintenance visits, so you can avoid scheduling several separate visits in a short period of time.

Three common maintenance jobs for tires and wheels are alignment inspections, balancing visits, and tire rotation. These are all crucial aspects of preventative upkeep. Each job varies in the amount of time involved, but generally, none of these jobs takes a long time.

Wheel Alignment

If the wheels on your BMW become improperly aligned, you may begin to notice a variety of issues when you drive. You might suddenly struggle to keep the vehicle driving straight instead of veering slightly toward one side. Your steering wheel could begin to shake as you drive. Even your tires may become affected by wheels that are not aligned right.

A variety of factors may lead to wheel misalignment. Ordinary wear and tear is one common cause of this issue. Events that result in impact to the vehicle can also result in misalignment, such as backing up into a concrete wall or driving over multiple potholes.

Fortunately, wheel alignment can usually be done in approximately an hour and a half. (However, times may vary due to an array of factors.) Your mechanic can adjust the angles at which the wheels are positioned, so your car will drive straight once again.

Wheel and Tire Balancing

When tires are not balanced properly, it means that weight distribution is not even. If this is not adjusted during a maintenance appointment, the imbalance can lead to excessive vibration. If you feel a strange vibration when you are driving, one of the first areas your technician might check could be the wheels and tires for improper balance. Balancing adjustments rarely take longer than one hour, and they usually don’t take longer than 15 or 20 minutes.

Tire Rotation

Your tires need to be rotated periodically to prevent them from becoming unevenly worn. When you drive for too long without getting the tires rotated, the tires can wear more quickly in certain areas, and they can stop working properly. A mechanic will move each tire to a different place on your vehicle during a rotation visit.

How Often Should Maintenance Visits Be Scheduled?

You should always consult your owner’s manual for information on maintenance visits. The professionals at Collins Automotive can also help you to determine how often such appointments need to be scheduled. By filling out our easy free quote form, you can get started on establishing a maintenance schedule that makes sense for your BMW.

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