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Winter Wonderland: Caring for your Audi in the Cold Months

Winter gives many drivers grief, but if you take the right steps, your Audi can help drivers in Fraser Valley and West Abbotsford, British Columbia relieve the stress of driving during the snowy season. From selecting an Audi to preparing it for winter driving, here are a few tips on caring for your Audi in winter so it can take care of you in return.

Picking an Audi for Winter

Audi’s famous all-wheel-drive system can give any of the company’s cars impressive grip, but a few Audis stand above the rest for winter driving. recently singled out the Audi Allroad as a great crossover vehicle for snow, citing its high ground clearance and peppy handling. For those in need of a bigger SUV, the Audi Q7 also performs well in the snow. And if you’re looking for a sedan that won’t get swamped in winter, Audi’s A4 has a long history of performing well in bad weather thanks to its excellent handling.

Protecting Your Audi from Salt

Ironically, one of the things that makes winter roads more passable can also make the season tougher on your car. Road salt is known to cause corrosion in the metal parts of cars, including their bodies and undercarriage. Though the damage may take several seasons to appear, it can still be unsightly and expensive to repair once it does. An auto-body expert interviewed by CBS Minnesota recommends frequent washing, as well as waxing your car once a year to provide an extra layer of protection.

Safe Driving Habits

One way to keep both you and your Audi safe in winter is by developing safe driving habits. There are a few measures you can take before you even hit the road. The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) recommends carrying in your vehicle a winter driving kit with contents like warm clothing, a blanket, food, a first aid kit, and tools. Though people often forget to check the weather, a quick glance at the forecast may save you from driving into a bad storm during a trip.

If you do end up needing to drive in rough winter weather, drive much more slowly than you normally would, as advised by The Weather Channel. Brake gently and avoid making sharp turns. Keep in mind that bridges and overpasses are particularly prone to freezing. And though it may be tempting to pass a lumbering plow vehicle, it may not be a good idea–plow vehicle drivers have limited visibility, and the road in front of them will be in worse shape than the road behind.

Winterizing Your Audi

Audis can benefit from having the right winter gear. For instance, the CAA advises that “all-season tires start to lose elasticity and harden” at around 7 degrees Celsius. (When tires harden, they lose traction.) Meanwhile, winter tires don’t harden until -40 degrees Celsius, meaning they maintain their grip in much colder temperatures. A professional mechanic can give you further advice on preparing your Audi for winter, such as what grade of oil is optimal for cold weather.

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