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Your Audi’s Cabin Air Filter and Why It Should Be Replaced

Audi’s Cabin Air Filter

Your Audi’s cabin air filter performs an important function: It helps to keep the air clean inside your vehicle. Just as the air quality in your home is an essential factor to consider, so is the quality of the air you breathe in your vehicle. If you are like millions of other people who spend much time in their cars, then keeping the air clean in your Audi should be a top priority. By replacing your cabin air filter periodically, you will ensure that the air in your car is clean and safe to breathe.

The Purpose of the Cabin Air Filter

Although many older cars were not equipped with cabin air filters, most of the newer models have them. The purpose of a cabin air filter is to act as a barrier against various pollutants and allergens. This filter prevents dust, pollen, bacteria, and exhaust fumes from entering your car’s interior; therefore, it helps to prevent you from breathing in such fumes and particles.

Air That Smells Clean

One benefit of replacing your car’s cabin air filter periodically is that doing so will help keep the interior of your car smelling clean and fresh. You might not even be aware that your car has a cabin air filter until you begin to detect unpleasant odors when you’re driving. Such odors may indicate that the cabin air filter needs to be replaced.

Air That Is Free of Toxins and Allergens

In addition to preventing your car’s interior from smelling offensive, the cabin air filter stops harmful particles from invading the air in your car. This filter serves as a trap, so smog, dust, and pollen don’t enter the interior of your car and wreak havoc with your respiratory system. When you have the cabin air filter replaced on a regular basis, it can perform its intended function optimally.

Better Fuel Economy

Another benefit of routinely replacing the cabin air filter is that doing this can actually improve fuel economy. If the air filter becomes dirty and clogged, less air flows through to the engine. This means that the engine is forced to work harder to perform its function, and that leads to more gas consumption overall. If the air filter is clean, the engine runs more efficiently and less gas is needed. The end result is that keeping your car’s cabin air filter clean puts less strain on the engine and improves fuel economy, which will help you to save money.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit

The best way to ensure that your Audi’s cabin air filter stays clean is to schedule regular maintenance visits with a reputable mechanic in Abbotsford. Our technicians at Collins Automotive can quickly check the filter in your vehicle. If it needs to be replaced, we can do that for you – so you can get back out on the road and breathe air that is fresh and clean. Fill out our free quote form today, so we can take a quick look at the cabin air filter in your Audi.

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