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Your BMW and Its Brake System: Why Inspections and Maintenance Are Essential

Your BMW and Its Brake System

Keeping your vehicle’s brake system in top shape is critical. Postponing maintenance visits could lead to expensive problems, and doing so could also put you and your passengers at risk of getting in an accident. The frequency of such visits may vary according to the instructions in your owner’s manual, as well as other factors, such as the amount of wear and tear on your brakes. It’s important to find an Abbotsford mechanic that you can trust, so you’re always sure that no part of your BMW is being neglected (especially your brakes!).

Inspecting the Brake System

Like the frequency of maintenance visits, the areas covered in a brake system inspection may vary due to the particular circumstances involved. If you haven’t taken your vehicle to a mechanic in a few years, an entire brake system examination could be necessary. If you take it in for regular tune-ups but have recently noticed that your brakes are squealing, your mechanic might simply need to replace the brake pads.

Visual Inspection

In some cases, only a visual inspection may be necessary. During a typical visual examination, a technician might inspect the brake pads or shoes, the surface condition of the rotor, the level of the brake fluid, and the brake fluid color. The technician might also search for any leaks coming from the hoses, and the master cylinder might be examined. The emergency brake may also be visually inspected for damage.

Mechanical Inspection

In other cases, it may be best to perform a mechanical inspection of the brake system. A mechanic may need to examine the calipers to be sure they are working correctly. If the caliper housings are cracked and hardened, they may need to be repaired. The rotors might be measured to ensure that their thickness meets the recommended specifications.

Know the Signs of Brake System Issues

When you know the most common signs of brake system problems or general wear and tear, you’ll be able to schedule preemptive maintenance and repair visits as soon as you’re aware that such symptoms have manifested. If you can press the brake pedal all the way to the floor with no resistance, your brake linings might need to be replaced. If your vehicle keeps moving after you apply the brakes, the brakes might need to be adjusted. If you hear a grinding noise when you brake and you can feel the grinding vibration in the pedal, you probably need to bring your vehicle to us immediately.

In general, whenever you hear weird or sudden noises, detect an odd vibration, smell something strange, or simply feel that something is “off” with your vehicle, you should call to arrange an inspection. Fill out our free quote form today for information on a brake system maintenance visit. Our mechanics are ready to help you with any concerns you may have about your BMW.

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