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Corrective or Predictive Maintenance Checks – Knowing Which Type to Schedule for Your MINI

Corrective or Predictive Maintenance Checks

As a MINI owner, you likely want to keep your car in great shape for as long as possible. If you take your vehicle in to be serviced on a regular basis, your mechanic can help prevent and troubleshoot the maintenance issues that may manifest. Generally, you might arrange for one of two options when scheduling service appointments: corrective or predictive visits. Understanding the basic concepts behind each of these types of visits may help you to decide which ones are most suited to your circumstances. When you have a reputable, local mechanic in Abbotsford to perform maintenance work on your car, you can be confident that you are giving it the best possible care.

What Is the Difference Between Corrective and Predictive Maintenance?

Corrective maintenance may also be referred to as reactive maintenance or condition-based maintenance. These terms all essentially refer to a type of maintenance service that is performed as a result of need. If the transmission or battery on a car begins to experience problems, then you would schedule an appointment for corrective maintenance on your vehicle. The problem would be identified by your mechanic, and your mechanic would implement any repair work needed.

Predictive maintenance may also be called preventative maintenance. Predictive service checks are done at regular intervals according to the guidelines offered by the manufacturer. Your mechanic might check various aspects of your vehicle during some predictive service checks and other areas during other checks.

What Does Corrective Maintenance Have to Offer?

When you choose to take your car in for service on a corrective basis, you typically wait until something appears to be wrong with your vehicle. Doing this may spare you the time, hassle, and expense of scheduling service appointments that might identify no issues with your car. By opting for corrective maintenance, you are apt to become aware of the way that your car runs. You could be more aware of the early signs of issues than a car owner who relies on predictive service checks might be. If you haven’t had a lot of problems with your vehicle in the past, this could be the best option for you. Additionally, if your budget does not always allow for service checks on a car with potentially no problems, then corrective maintenance may well be the most viable strategy for you.

What Are the Advantages of Predictive Service Checks?

If you decide to schedule predictive service checks for your car, you will likely need to refer to the factory guidelines for your particular vehicle. This means that your mechanic may be able to identify issues before they become big problems. Even if you are very familiar with how your car works and the signs of potential problems, you may not always be able to detect underlying issues that a predictive maintenance visit could uncover. Early detection might mean the difference between paying for the replacement of a simple part to paying for major repairs for a problem that was left undiagnosed for too long.

Regular maintenance on your vehicle is important. If you opt for corrective maintenance, be sure to schedule an appointment at the first sign of a problem. You can fill out our Click herefree quote form for further assistance from a Collins representative.

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