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How Is Your MINI? Identifying Common Repair Issues

Identifying Common Repair Issues

The MINI is a great car – but like any other vehicle, it will likely require repairs now and then. Knowing what kinds of repairs it may need and what signs to look for could help you to keep your MINI in excellent working condition. When you have a reputable repair shop in Abbotsford to take your car to (like Collins Automotive), you can get the most out of your vehicle. The following are some of the top repair issues that you might need to address as a MINI owner.

Transmission Problems

Some of the MINIs that were manufactured prior to 2008 may have issues if their transmission fluid is not changed regularly. Generally, transmission fluid should be changed on a periodic schedule anyway. If you have an older MINI, be sure to consult your mechanic about how often you should have the transmission fluid changed. This may be a good discussion to have no matter how old your vehicle is – it could spare you from needing to replace a transmission that fails sooner than it should.

Heavy Steering Linked to Overheating

Some MINIs may become difficult to steer (the steering wheel might feel heavy or resistant). This could be linked to an overheating problem – so the issue should be dealt with as soon as possible. The problem could be due to a faulty cooling fan assembly or a failing power steering pump.

Stuck Window

A window that becomes stuck can be annoying and inconvenient, especially if the weather or temperature outside is extreme. In many cases, this issue is simply the result of not enough lubrication. A professional can lube the window runners, and this is often the only action needed in order to get the window moving properly again.

Front Radiator Support Becomes Damaged

The front radiator support may become damaged because this part is in a low position on the vehicle. Additionally, it’s made of plastic, so it can experience an issue when the vehicle is bumped. This may be most likely to happen when the vehicle is in a parking lot.

Timing Chains Rattle

If you notice that the timing chains have begun to rattle on a consistent basis, be sure to take the car to your mechanic. The rattling may be particularly noticeable when the vehicle is idling. One way to prevent this issue is to have the transmission fluid changed regularly – but this does not always stop the problem from occurring.

Engine Idles Roughly

An engine that idles roughly could be the result of using a low grade of fuel to run the car. Carbon deposits can accumulate, and the engine could even stop running at some point because of it. The best strategy is to use the highest grade of fuel possible – but if you notice that the engine is idling roughly, you should take it to a repair shop soon.

The MINI is a good vehicle, and you should be able to drive yours for years. Just like all cars though, it will eventually begin to develop some repair issues. Regular maintenance checks and timely repairs are important. Fill out our free quote form for an estimate on the repairs your vehicle requires.

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