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How to Keep Your Car Reliable According to Expert Jaguar Mechanics in Fraser Valley, BC

We know that your Jaguar is a precious investment, and you want to maintain its reliability and durability for a long time. Like any luxury car owner, the last thing you would want is finding yourself stuck somewhere in Fraser Valley with a smoking engine and frantically searching for “Jaguar mechanic near me” on your smartphone.

Our auto technicians at Collins Automotive have four tips for maintaining your Jaguar car's performance and resale value. These easy steps can prevent unplanned trips to automotive shops in Fraser Valley and save on repair costs in the long run.

1. Drive your Jaguar more gently along Fraser Valley highways.
Jaguar cars are known for their power and dependability, but it is still best to treat them with care and drive gently. Avoid pushing your Jaguar to its limit and do not carry or tow a heavy load since these can add strain to the automotive engine and the car's body.

Observe proper driving habits like coming to a complete stop before reversing and keeping an eye on potholes along the road. These simple actions can go a long way for your Jaguar's longevity and your wallet.

2. Follow your maintenance schedule with your Jaguar Mechanic in Abbotsford.
Many car experts in Fraser Valley, BC, will tell you to follow your 6-month maintenance schedule strictly. Our Jaguar mechanics at Collins Automotive agree with them, but we believe that being more proactive about car care will yield more benefits in the long run.

If you noticed any performance dips, weird sounds, or smoke coming off your Jaguar, you should immediately call our auto shop at (778) 771-0995. Addressing both big and seemingly small problems ASAP can prevent further costs and damages.

3. Listen to your Jaguar for weird, clunking sounds.
If you hear knocking noises from under the hood, contact a Jaguar mechanic in Fraser Valley right away. They probably indicate worn-out transmission or problems with your engine bearings, and forcing your vehicle to continue running in these conditions can cause the engine to seize altogether.

Jaguar vehicles like the XF and XR models are typically resilient against these problems, but some engine issues may still show eventually due to wear and tear. Engine replacement for a Jaguar can be steeply expensive, so it is always better to avoid it in the first place.

4. Visit our auto shop in Abbotsford for regular oil change.
Do not underestimate the value of proper lubrication for your Jaguar. Your car dealer may advise an oil change interval of 16,000 km, but it can be shorter depending on your average driving conditions.

Engine oil can grow dark and dirty over time due to heat and contaminants, reducing its quality as a lubricant. Always check its level and whether you can still see the dipstick through it. A Jaguar mechanic in Fraser Valley can quickly change your oil in less than an hour.

Jaguar Mechanic in Fraser Valley, BC
If you have any issues with your Jaguar, our honest, skillful, and experienced technicians at Collins Automotive can help you. We do all kinds of maintenance and repair services on Jaguar cars and all vehicle models, whether domestic or imported.

Schedule an appointment through our website or dial (778) 771-0995. Collins Automotive is open Mondays through Fridays, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can find our auto repair facility at Unit A 32927 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2A6.


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