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Is Your Audi Ready for Fall and Winter? Why You Should Have the Fluids and Filters Inspected

Fluids and Filters Inspected

Your Audi has a variety of fluids and filters, and they are all important to the functionality of your vehicle. These fluids and filters should be checked on a regular basis, in case they need to be replenished or replaced. Doing this may be especially important before the cold, wet weather of winter arrives in full force. Every part of your vehicle should be in good condition when you are driving on the roads of Abbotsford in the fall and winter seasons. To get the best results possible from a maintenance visit, be sure to take your car to a reputable, local mechanic (such as one of the professionals at Collins Automotive).

Which Filters Should Be Checked?

Your car comprises several filters designed to keep dirt, dust, grime, and other various particles away from other parts. One of these filters is the air cabin filter. The air cabin filter helps to ensure that the air in your car is clean. This becomes even more crucial during the coldest seasons – your car’s windows are typically kept closed when the weather is cold, so you need to be sure that the air you are breathing is not filled with contaminants. When this filter becomes clogged and dirty, a technician can replace it for you.

The oil filter is another one that must be checked periodically. Your mechanic might examine it with every oil change. However, if you are taking your car in for a fall or winter maintenance visit, the oil filter might also be examined at this time. If you drive with a dirty oil filter, the contaminants will likely get into your engine and cause problems.

What Fluids May Need to Be Filled or Changed?

Fluids are essential to the proper operation of your vehicle. Oil helps to keep your engine running smoothly by lubricating it. The oil in your engine reduces friction, and this aids in preventing it from overheating.

Transmission fluid is an important aspect of your transmission. In the same way that oil is beneficial to the engine, transmission fluid helps to keep your car’s transmission running as it should. The transmission fluid works to lubricate the transmission and keep it from becoming too hot.

Coolant/antifreeze is integral to the general cooling system in your vehicle. Keeping a proper combination of antifreeze and water in your radiator is a good way to avoid a frozen engine. A mechanic may also need to flush the antifreeze and replace it with fresh fluid.

The windshield wiper fluid in your car should also be inspected. If it is not full, a technician can correct that. Winter is not a time to run out of windshield wiper fluid – you’ll need it to keep the wipers working well on rainy days.

Having your Audi’s fluids and filters inspected periodically is wise. Doing this before the weather is harsh could save you from being inconvenienced, and this simple kind of maintenance visit could even spare you from getting in an accident. If you think that any of the fluids or filters in your car needs to be changed or replenished, be sure to fill out our free quote form today.

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