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Ozone Shock Treatment

As a result of COVID-19, we can be left questioning just how clean our vehicles truly are. Sanitary wipes work well to disinfect your steering wheel, door handles, & shifter, but what about the rest of your vehicle's interior? 

At Collins, we are currently offering our Ozone Shock Treatment to disinfect the interior of your vehicle. The Ozone generator is a device that uses high voltage electricity to convert oxygen into Ozone (O3). The ozone molecules circulate throughout your vehicle and penetrate every crevice to eliminate odors caused by mold, mildew and bacteria down to the molecular level.

Our package includes the following:

  • Remove valuables from interior of vehicle.
  • Vacuum interior carpets, mats, and seats and wipe down the dash.
  • Install the Ozone generator in the vehicle, close all doors and windows and run the machine from 1-4 hours depending on severity of odors and customer requirements.
  • Run the interior heater on recirculate to ensure all vents & the heater box are saturated with ozone.
  • Air out the vehicle once the procedure is complete.​​​

Please Note: We ask that customers remove as many belongings as possible prior to arriving at the shop - this includes center console, glovebox and the trunk. Please dispose of any empty bottle or garbage as well.

Our complete treatment package is $99.00 plus tax.

Call us to schedule today! 

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