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5 Signs that Your Car Needs Repairing Now - Best BMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC

BMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC

Take care of your car with a certified BMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC.

Your BMW is a prized investment, so you naturally want to keep it in the best condition as long as possible. This is the reason why your car needs routine maintenance and urgent repair to stay in top shape. BMW vehicles are durable, and they can well exceed their expected lifetimes with proper care.

However, issues will inevitably show up, and you will need the help of a professional BMW mechanic Fraser Valley BC. Your car accumulates wear and tear as mileage increases, and you will probably notice changes in its performance. It's essential to pay attention to signs of damages and rectify them right away. 


Urgent Signs that You Need a BMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC

Availing of repair services as soon as possible can save you long term costs and prevent the inconvenience of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Here are five symptoms that you should not ignore. If you spot any of these, immediately reach out to a BMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC. 

Noticeable Decrease in Performance

If you have been driving your automotive for a while, you'll have a feel of how it runs. You will notice changes with handling, rough idling, and poor acceleration. You can also track whether fuel efficiency has drastically decreased.

Don't just ignore any of these issues since they might be symptoms of more serious engine problems. You can restore the car's performance by taking it to aBMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC.


Engine Oil with Metal Flakes

A BMW engine comprises metal parts that should move smoothly. If the metal gears and pistons are rubbing against each other, they will likely produce metal flakes.

If you find metal shavings mixed with the oil, immediately consult a BMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC to repair and restore the engine. These indicate inadequate lubrication, and this can result in sudden engine failures.


Knocking and Dragging Noises

Knocking noises under the hood while driving should never be ignored. These indicate grinding and pounding between moving parts, which can cause rapid wear and tear on the engine. Our trained mechanics in Abbotsford can prevent further damages.

If you can hear a dragging noise beneath your auto, you might have run over debris accidentally. The undercarriage might have caught debris, or a part of the chassis got significantly damaged.


Liquid Leaking from the Radiator

A bluish-green liquid serves as a coolant for BMW engines. If you notice that it is leaking from the engine, immediately seek help from professional BMW mechanic Fraser Valley BC. 

Coolant leakage is a serious problem because your car can no longer regulate engine temperature. Overheating can severely damage car parts and result in significant repair costs. Fortunately, repair and replacement can easily be done by our auto mechanics at Fraser Valley.


Unwanted Vibration while Driving

There may be problems with the wheels or tires if you feel excessive vibrations even when driving on a smooth road. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can feel vibrations on the steering wheel, brake pedal, or through the seat.

Whether the cause is a loose lug-nut, damaged driveline U-joint, or unaligned tires, it can be determined accurately by a BMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC. If you feel that the vibration happens when you drive at higher speeds, a faulty transmission may be the culprit.


Regular Maintenance with a BMW Mechanic Fraser Valley BC

As the old saying goes, prevention is several times better than cure. Do not wait for obvious symptoms to show up on your BMW since unplanned major repairs can reach astronomical prices.

Our automotive experts at Fraser Valley recommend servicing your BMW annually or every 10,000 miles. Follow the regular schedule for changing the oil and checking up on all your car's components. 

At Colin’s Automotive, we have BMW mechanics who expertly perform repairs and diagnostics.Schedule an appointment with us, and we can help you take good care of your BMW. You can find our shop at Unit A 32927, South Fraser Way Abbotsford, BC. 



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