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Why Get an Independent Land Rover Mechanic Fraser Valley BC for Your Car

Land Rover Mechanic Fraser Valley BC

A Land Rover is a luxury vehicle that will make you feel like you can conquer everything – be it desert driving or a fun road trip to the countryside. As confident as you may feel, even Land Rovers are prone to electrical and mechanical problems.

If you are a Land Rover Owner, below are some issues you should be aware of.

Land Rover Mechanical Issues

1.    Air Suspension Problems


After six years of owning a Land Rover, you will likely experience air suspension issues since it is prone to sagging.

During your first years of ownership, you will surely be impressed with a smooth ride. Most mechanics would say that Land Rovers are unreliable vehicles, and you are likely to spend thousands of dollars on replacing the original air suspension with traditional coils.

2.    Airbags Malfunction


There have been reports from clients about the Land Rover’s airbag malfunction caused by misalignment of airbag springs and steering columns, resulting in the break-in wiring.

This malfunction may result in premature deployment of the airbags that can lead to injury or even death. Airbags are a crucial safety component of a vehicle, so ensure that you have consulted an independent mechanic to check on your Land Rover before you make the purchase.

3.    Oil Leaks

Land Rover Discovery owners have reported oil leak problems in the engine oil pan and valve cover gaskets. Oil leaks can result in decreased engine performance and long-term damage.

If you notice any leaks from your vehicle, look for a Land Rover Mechanic Fraser Valley BC immediately.

4.    Parking Brake Issues


The Range Rover Sport has been reported to experience parking brake issues. Having this problem can damage your brake discs. You can also experience problems in handbrake refusing to release or a failed actuator.

Land Rover Electrical Issues

1.    Fuel Gauge Malfunction

You might be surprised that you ran out of fuel even if your gauge meter shows you have enough to make it to the next gas station. This is because Landrover models from 2003 to 2006 have been reported to have fuel gauge malfunction due to a failure of the fuel sending unit in your fuel tank. This issue usually comes up when you have more than 100,000 mileage.

2.    Folding Mirror Issues

This might sound like a minor issue, but it can cause big problems. This concern is usually reported in Land Rover models 2002 to 2004.

This can be dangerous when Land Rover owners try to fix their mirrors while driving. They need the mirrors to check the vehicles and make a sound decision in maneuvering the vehicle. If you experience this problem, make sure to have it fixed by a mechanic.

    Bluetooth Not Working

2018 Land Rover owners have reported issues about their Bluetooth not working. There are times when the infotainment system freezes, therefore disallowing you to use your radio, air conditioning, climate control, backup cameras, and Bluetooth headsets. It would be a waste of money to have such wonderful features but not use them.

Have a Land Rover Mechanic Fraser Valley BC Fix Your Vehicle

When your Land Rover exhibits mechanical or electrical problems, bring your vehicle to your trusted auto repair shops.

As a luxury vehicle, you’d want it to be taken care of by the best hands. Land Rover dealerships want you to believe that they are the only ones who can help you in the situation, but independent shops are equally capable.

Independent shops have their own certified technicians who are trained to handle Land Rovers. Get expert care with so much less than the dealership price. 



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