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Caring for Your Subaru – How to Keep It in Great Condition

Caring for Your Subaru

Do you know why preventative maintenance is critical? Regular tune-ups and service checks can help to preserve the condition of your Subaru – so you can drive it for years without experiencing avoidable repair issues. The Subaru is a superior vehicle, but it may still manifest problems. The manufacturer typically works to resolve such issues when designing the latest models (such as the head gasket problems of the 2005 Forester). However, you may experience a variety of car trouble if you don’t actively take steps to keep it in great condition. A local mechanic at Collins Automotive in Abbotsford can help you to achieve this goal – so be sure to schedule a service check if you haven’t done that in a while.

Become Familiar With the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual to your vehicle is an important tool. If you don’t already have one, you can likely find this handy reference manual online. The owner’s manual often contains key information regarding how often certain tune-ups and preventative maintenance tasks are needed. You might want to bring your car’s service manual with you the next time you take the car to a mechanic – the mechanic may appreciate knowing at which interval the manufacturer recommends implementing various tasks.

Get the Belts Inspected (and Replaced If Needed)

Your owner’s manual may inform you of how often the serpentine belt and timing belt should be replaced. Knowing this and having it done according to the recommendations could spare you from repairs that are expensive. A belt that is damaged can even lead to the damage of other car parts or accessories, so it is always in your best interest to have worn belts replaced quickly.

Have the Oil Changed

The oil must be changed periodically in order to keep your engine running optimally. Failing to change the oil when it’s dirty could cost you a lot more than you might expect, so remember to talk to your mechanic about how often this should be done. If you know how to check the oil level and add more when it’s not dirty, you can always do that between service checks. However, if you don’t know how to perform this task, you may need to have a technician do it.

Get the Spark Plugs Replaced

When the spark plugs become worn – or when they accumulate buildup – that means the engine cannot run as well as it should. Your mechanic should check this component during periodic visits. The owner’s manual may offer some information on when to check the spark plugs. Replacing them when they’re worn is essential, and failing to do so could result in wasted fuel or even a breakdown of the vehicle.

Taking good care of your Subaru does not need to be an overwhelming job. A mechanic at Collins can help you devise a maintenance schedule that is best for your vehicle. Fill out our free quote form now for more information.

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