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Going Green: How You Can Keep Your Audi as Green as Possible

Audi Going Green

As an Audi owner, you may appreciate a fabulous vehicle while still wanting to go green whenever possible. You can reduce your carbon footprint in a variety of ways, including how you drive and take care of your vehicle. There are plenty of tips for greener driving and vehicle maintenance that will help you to minimize your personal impact on the environment. Be sure to talk to a staff member at Collins Automotive for more tips on keeping your Audi in top shape and decreasing its effect on the planet.

How to Drive Green

You may be surprised to learn that many common driving habits are bad for the environment. You might even practice one of these habits without realizing that it has a negative impact on the Earth. The first thing you should stop doing is idling to warm up your car (if you do that). There is no need to idle your car for more than a minute – the proper way to get the car warm is to start driving it. Idling not only harms the ecosystem; it wastes fuel unnecessarily.

Another way to conserve fuel and preserve the environment is to avoid driving with excess weight in your vehicle. If you need to transport something heavy, try to do it in one quick trip. If you find yourself driving around with a heavy bag of pet food or fertilizer, unload the item at the first opportunity. Additional weight in your vehicle will use up more gasoline, and this is a blatant (although likely unintended) waste of a precious resource.

Be wise about your general driving habits. If you can combine several errands in one trip, you will avoid wasting fuel. If you are able to carpool even once per week, this will also benefit the planet. You should not stop enjoying your beautiful Audi, but if the weather is gorgeous and you don’t have far to go, you might consider walking to make an appointment.

How to Be Green With Vehicle Maintenance

One of the top strategies for being a green driver and car owner is to schedule regular service checks for your vehicle. Your tires should be kept inflated at the right amount of pressure. When you drive with low pressure in your tires, you lower the fuel efficiency of your car.

Be sure to get your air filter changed periodically. If it becomes dirty and you continue to drive with it that way, you will create less pollution. Additionally, this will help to keep your car running better.

Many people do not realize that the way that they add fuel to their cars can affect the planet. If you overfill your gas tank, you are inadvertently wasting gasoline (and money!). In fact, the tank should be filled just a little below capacity, in order to give the fuel that is in there some room to expand.

Once you start to pay attention to what could be lifelong driving and maintenance habits, you may find several ways to lower your impact on the environment. Some driving habits can easily be replaced with “greener” ones. The first actions you might take are to fill out our free contact form and schedule a maintenance visit at Collins soon.

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